Kiyoshi Adachi’s wildest dreams come true in a twist of fantasy: Here’s how he found love in magic

Adachi shying away from Kurosawa in Cherry Magic

Kiyoshi Adachi in Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! is a character filled with a frustrating loveless life, until a strange magical ability changes his fate in a twist of fantasy. Being able to read other people’s thoughts, Kiyoshi is an ordinary office worker who finds love in the most unexpected nook, making Cherry Magic anime a wholesome rom-com rather than a fantasy anime. In this article, we will look at the character of Kiyoshi Adachi and how his dreams of finding love come true in a surprising twist of fate. 

Kiyoshi Adachi and Yuuichi Kurosawa – a special BL story in a twist of fantasy

The relationship between Kiyoshi Adachi and Yuuichi Kurosawa is not like any other ordinary BL story, but it manages to create a special tension within the set context of the story. Adachi’s unexpected ability to read the thoughts of anyone he touches is skillfully portrayed, highlighting the positive (he can deduce Kurosawa’s thoughts), the negative (crowded public transportation is now an absolute nightmare), and the strong temptation to abuse it. Herein, fantasy is used as a tool to aid the narrator and eventually set the entire premise of the story.

Kurosawa and Kiyoshi Adachi in Cherry Magic anime
A scene from Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! anime. (Image credit goes to Satelight Studios)

Adachi begins to grow interested in Kurosawa and tries to caress the other man without any intention of finding out what’s going through his mind. This final urge, as you might expect, can occasionally give Kurosawa confusing signals, but since Adachi is also torn about his love for the other man, that usually ends up leaning more toward silliness than toward any of the more repulsive BL clichés.

They are both carefully avoiding each other; Kurosawa is unwilling to frighten the person he is in love with, and Adachi is dubious of his feelings and what action to take.

All of this builds to a mutually consenting relationship, which is partially supported by the fundamental idea that Adachi can read Kurosawa’s thoughts because, given how circumspect Kurosawa is, there probably wouldn’t have been a story at all if he couldn’t.

Adachi represents the modern dilemma in love

Kiyoshi Adachi is a character who is a representative figure of confusion and at the same time explores the human condition of lovelessness. He is a loner who finds himself in utter frustration and disgust and feels that he is absolutely unlovable. When he listens in to the thoughts of random people, he finds how everyone is entrapped in a frustrating cycle and it is often the condition of his being that represses his desires and his inhibitions.

Kiyoshi Adachi and Kurosawa in a warm embrace
Adachi and Kurosawa. (Image credit goes to Satelight Studios)

Kiyoshi is also adamant about finding love, however, he is fundamentally not driven toward that pursuit. He feels his undesirable looks and background do not make up for anything admirable. And therefore, he traps himself in his own world where he detests his own fate and listens in to people’s thoughts, only to find how everyone is tired of one thing or the other.

  • All of these conflicts that surround Kiyoshi are a representation of the constant confusion that envelops society.
  • It is also a critique of modernity and urbanization, and how these factors have given shape and structure to various set standards of beauty and desirability. Because Kiyoshi could never fulfill those parameters, he was left alone and his silence could never persuade any heart to love him back.
  • Kurosawa in that regard serves as the one who creates a subversion from reality and challenges these social norms and notions.


Cherry Magic is a wonderfully crafted anime that must be watched and cherished. The story is admirable and is a heartfelt narration of not being enough. It is the tale of an ordinary office-goer who finds himself entangled in a web of his own virgin fate, and eventually treads a path he never imagined he would take. To know more about how Kiyoshi Adachi’s love blooms in the anime, subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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