Misfit of the Demon King Academy overcomplicated its plot: Explained

Misfit of the Demon King Academy

Overpowered MCs starting from the bottom have become a very cliche trope. Misfit of the Demon King Academy has taken this trope and given it its twist. Here, the protagonist is overpowered and reasonably so. The protagonist is the reincarnated Demon King with all their powers intact.

They do not start from the bottom with their powers, instead, they are already in sync with their power. But has this twist brought its problems?

Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad is the main protagonist of the series. He is the Demon King of Tyranny, reincarnating after 2000 years in the world he created. His self-confidence does not falter, due to his indomitable strength. He has an easygoing attitude and can persevere under any condition.

Anos Voldigoad
Anos Voldigoad | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.

He is the strongest in the world, only to be rivaled by the Great Hero. His abilities include:

  • Source of Destruction: He has a unique source that specializes in destruction. It provides him with immense magical power. The closer he gets to destruction, the stronger his source becomes.
  • Immense Strength: He has high physical abilities, allowing him great offense.
  • Immense Speed: He has insane levels of speed.
  • High Intelligence and Spell-Theory Knowledge: He has very high intelligence allowing him high strategic prowess. This allows him to overpower and win over enemies easily. He has mastery over all magic, such that he can create, strengthen and reciprocate any magic.
  • Magic Eyes of Destruction: These eyes could destroy anything in sight.
  • Venuzdonoa, The Abolisher of Reason: This sword can erase anything in existence.

Anos being the strongest in the universe does not falter, but can the same be said about its plot?

Misfit of the Demon King Academy Storyline

After being reincarnated after 2000 years, Anos joins the Demon King Academy to witness what the world has turned into. What he finds is that history has been rewritten. He is no longer the Demon King, someone else is. His descendants have also grown weaker in time, and their magic deteriorated to the extreme.

What’s amusing is that the academy that aims to find the reincarnation of the Demon King has deemed him unfit to be a Demon King. Hilarious as it is, he is the misfit of the demon king academy.

Anos with Misha and others
Anos with his Descendants | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.

With altered and incomplete history presented to him, he is tasked to find what happened and who is behind everything. As he continues to unravel the mysteries behind the occurrences, he meets old acquaintances and gathers new ones.

The underlying problem

The story stops making sense when everything that happens is stated with absolute certainty. Everything Anos does is simply something he can do. Any events created by him are undeniable facts. One such instance is in Season 1 Episode 13. When he is fighting Lay, he is defeated and ultimately killed. The true antagonist, Jerga, unsatisfied with the result proceeds to make the Zeshias self-destruct. Right at the nick of time, Anos resurrects himself from death and stops Jerga’s ploy. This is absurd.

With the combined effort of Lay, Misha, Eleonore, and Fusion Necron to stall Jerga, each of them received an unprecedented level of strength and character development. However, everything is nullified with the reappearance of Anos.

Anos resurrecting himself
Anos after resurrecting himself | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.

His unending strength and tactics make all other characters useless in the story. They lose all significance and importance. If this was not enough, any move by him is overcomplicated to the point that the only explanation left is “Trust me, Bro”.

This type of progression leaves behind many questions:

  • What is happening?
  • Why is any of this happening?
  • Are any of these side characters important?
  • Where is the plot heading?

The plot has no depth in it and is rendered insignificant. It is hard to understand what the story wishes to achieve. Any answer to a question leads to another question. It is a loop of unanswered queries. In addition to that, new characters keep being added to the story with no explanations. All these characters cloud the plot, making it seem that there is a lot to uncover.

The story has a strong protagonist. That is exactly the problem. Everything the protagonist does makes the series spiral into an unending chain of unexplained events. These chains continue to stack up and overcomplicated whatever follows next. His actions leave all events with loose ends, unexplained and left as a mystery.

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