Mushoku Tensei II: Who is the 6 Armed Demon?

Badigadi in Mushoku Tensei season 2

Rudeus has embarked on a new journey with Elinaise in the latest episode of Mushoku Tensei II. In the previous episode, we got introduced to Elinaise and now she has become an important part of the story. Similarly, we get a glimpse of a bunch of different characters in episode 4 near the end.

We’re familiar with all the characters like Princess Ariel and Zanoba except for the 6 armed demon. The 6 Armed Demon will go on to become an important character in the later part of the series. But who is the 6 Armed Demon? Read on to learn everything about the 6 Armed Demon. The article contains light novel spoilers.

Mushoku Tensei II: Introduction of the 6 Armed Demon

Kishirika in Mushoku Tensei anime
A still from Mushoku Tensei season 1 featuring Kishirika | Image Courtesy vis IMDb

In the most recent episode of  Mushoku Tensei, we see Rudeus heading off for a new adventure. As the end credits roll in, we can see different characters and what they’re up to. All the characters that were shown have been important in the story at some point. Among these characters is the 6 Armed Demon. 

In Mushoku Tensei Season 1 Episode 8, we got introduced to the demon Kishirika Kishirisu. Rudeus saves her from starving. She introduces herself as the Great Demon Emperor and briefly mentions having a fiancé. Later in the season, we see her giving the demon eye to Rudeus. The 6 armed demon is the fiancé of Kishirika, Badigadi

Who is the 6 armed demon?

Mushoku Tensei Manga
Badigadi in Mushoku Tensei Manga | Image Courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment

Badigadi is a six-armed immortal demon, who was previously known as the Fighting God. He is also the fiance of Kishirika Kishirisu.

  • During The Second Great-Demon Human War, he defeated the demon god Laplace.
  • He is an Apostle of the Hitogami, who appears again and again in the story to guide Rudeus. Badigadi has played an important role in the past and continues to do so in the future.
  • His participation in the Laplace war has acquainted him with a lot of characters including Rujierd.
Badigadi in Mushoku Tensei
A still from Mushoku Tensei episode 4 featuring the 6 Armed Demon | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

Through Kishirika, Badigadi gets to hear about Rudeus. He heads to the Ranoa Magic Academy, where Rudeus is headed with Elinalise. He shows up at the magic academy and challenges Rudeus to a duel as a result of jealousy from hearing Kishirika talk about Rudeus.

This has also been shown in the official trailer, we see him standing tell in front of Rudeus and Sylphy. His association with the Hitogami and his interest in Rudeus are bound to overlap at some point in the story.


Rudeus and Elinalise
Rudeus and Elinalise heading off to Ranoa Magic Academy | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

In the light novel, the character leads to some important developments in the later parts. With the next episode, the Ranoa Magic Academy adventures will start for Rudeus. The magic academy has a lot in store for Rudeus and the viewers. We’ll finally get to see the reunion between Sylphy and Rudy

He’ll also meet Zanoba for the first time, since their last meeting in Shirone Kingdom. Rudeus has been on a streak of unfortunate events, will his meeting with Sylphiette finally break this streak? Going to the magic academy was the first goal they decided on together and it seemed like the perfect place for their reunion. The Magic Academy arc will finally start with the upcoming episodes of Mushoku Tensei II. 

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