Will Robin and Chopper be there in One Piece Live-Action?

Robin and Chopper in One Piece Live-Action

The initial stages of One Piece acquainted fans with their favorite characters, the Strawhats. So far, in the Live action, we’ve been introduced to Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp. This makes one wonder; Will Robin and Chopper be there in One Piece Live-Action? The One Piece Live Action is almost here.

The series will start from the beginning with slight changes here and there. There have been no appearances made by Robin or Chopper as of yet in the cast and the official trailer. Robin and Chopper both joined the crew shortly after the crew entered the Grand Line. Since then, they’ve been indispensable to the adventures of One Piece. This article will explain if we’ll get to see them in the One Piece Live Action. 

One Piece Live Action: Everything we know so far

Shanks and Luffy in One Piece Live Action
A still from One Piece Live Action official trailer | Image Courtesy of Netflix

There is enough information about the show to make out the characters who will be appearing in the show. The live-action will adapt over 100 chapters in 8 episodes:

  • Romance Dawn
  • The Man with the Straw Hat
  • Tell No Tales
  • The Pirates are Coming
  • Eat at Baratie 
  • The Chef and the Chore Boy 
  • The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo
  • Worst in the East
Luffy in One Piece
Luffy in Drum Kingdom | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The series will probably end with the Logue Town arc right before the Grand Line saga begins. The cast has been revealed and no casting has been done or at least not revealed yet for Robin or Chopper. Even in the trailer, we’ve not seen anything past Logue Town. Both Robin and Chopper are introduced after the Strawhats enter the Grand Line. 

Will Robin and Chopper be there in One Piece Live-action?

Nico Robin
Robin in One Piece anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Grand Line is full of extravagant surprises, from Laboon to Drum Kingdom. Adapting Chopper is especially challenging as he’s a crucial part of the show, leaving less space for any mishaps. It’s almost certain that neither Robin nor Chopper will make an appearance this time around in the live-action. Robin makes her debut in Chapter 114 whereas Chopper in Chapter 134.

Chopper in Drum Kingdom
Chopper brushing off Nami’s compliments despite being happy about them | Image Courtesy via IMDb

As the Live Action will end right before we enter the Grand Line, we’ll need to wait a little bit before we see our furry friend and Nico Robin in the live-action. If the creators decide to make a successive season we’re bound to get introduced to both the characters fairly early in the upcoming season. 


Will Robin and Chopper be there in One Piece Live-Action?
Dr. Hililuk and Chopper in Drum Kingdom | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Chopper is a tricky character to adapt to the Live Action format. So far, the live-action has dealt with the weirder parts fairly well, but the characters and the locations become more wild and extreme from here on out. The key scenes in Drum Kingdom include Luffy climbing a cliff, with Nami and Sanji on his back. It’ll be interesting to see how the creators deal with all the over-the-top terrains and character designs. 

Fans have been unexpectedly welcoming to the Live Action. There’s no telling how much the Live Action will adapt after the upcoming episodes on August 31. If the creators decide to go ahead with just one more season, we will get to see Robin and Chopper. As for now, we’ll be setting sail with the first five members of the crew.

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