Top 5 times Guts had been a total Menace

Top 5 times Guts had been a total Menace (1)

Kentaro Miura didn’t go easy on the readers with the cruelty exhibited in Berserk. Even the protagonist, Guts has had his fair share of moments where he was a total menace. Guts don’t have a uniform graph.

There have been times when his vengeance completely dissolved his ability to think rationally. The Black Swordsman Arc was the worst and lowest Guts has stooped. He threatened multiple lives and even took many of them.

Top 5 times Guts had been a total Menace

5. Guts’ meeting with Vargas 


When Vargas asked Guts to get rid of the Count. With a foul attitude, Guts kicked Vargas. The difference in the power between the two was apparent at the moment. No matter the reasons behind it, Guts was malicious in that instance. He didn’t even try to save Vargas when he could have saved him. 

4. The time when he was taken over by the Beast of Darkness with Casca

Top 5 times Guts had been a total Menace (1)
Guts in Berserk manga | Image Courtesy of Hakusensha

Whenever Guts is overtaken by the Beast Of Darkness, he lives his worst moments. One such time was when he almost assaulted Casca and bit her breast. He stopped himself quickly afterwards. What makes it more disturbing is the fact that the Beast of Darkness is just a part of Guts, like a shadow. 

 3. The killings in the Misty Valley

Top 5 times Guts had been a total Menace (1)
Guts in Misty Valley, final fight | Image Courtesy of Hakusensha

The kids in the Misty Valley were irredeemable. Even if killing them off was the only option, we don’t see a hint of doubt in Guts. He goes on to slaughter all the elves and bees in the Misty Valley. If Rosine hadn’t dodged his attack, Guts would’ve slashed Jill as well. At that moment, Guts went completely dark leaving no space for thoughts or a fair judgment. 

2. Guts’ actions to lure out the Snake Apostle

Top 5 times Guts had been a total Menace (1)
Berserk anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The number of lives Guts sacrificed to seek revenge was baffling. Even if he didn’t kill the people directly he knew where his actions would lead the whole situation. He dragged an entire village into his business with the apostle. Even after everything was over, there was no hint of remorse or regret that he would have felt. 

1. Guts treatment of Theresia


No matter the reason behind it, Guts treated Theresia in the unkindest way possible. He revealed her father’s truth to her and proceeded to kill him right in front of her. Not simply killing him but torturing him as well. His harsh and cruel words to Theresia were unnecessarily brutal.

In those moments Guts was cruel and did all of this to a kid. Even if you weigh in his intentions, Guts changed Theresia’s life and not in a good way. 


These were some of the times when Guts had been a total menace in Berserk. Guts has come a long way since his bad days. He has suffered a lot in his life and sometimes managed to bring the same suffering to others. But he has drastically improved. While these moments don’t define him, they put a stain on his character. One which continues to weigh down his character. 


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