Vinsmoke Sanji might lose out on a major power upgrade: Is Oda being biased?

Vinsmoke Sanji might lose out on a major power upgrade Is Oda being biased

In the expansive world of One Piece, the acquisition of Haki, a mysterious and formidable power, is a pivotal moment for any character. Among the various forms of Haki, Conqueror’s Haki stands out as a rare ability that signifies a character’s incredible willpower.

While numerous characters have demonstrated this kingly skill, one question continues to linger: Will Vinsmoke Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates’ renowned cook and fighter, ever unlock this remarkable power? Let’s find out.

Lack of Kingly Ambitions

One Piece Episode 1061
Sanji with Zeff Image courtsey of Toei Animation via IMDB

In the context of One Piece, Color of the Supreme King often finds its home with characters who harbor grand ambitions, often verging on the desire for power, influence, or control. It’s no secret that the Zoro vs. Sanji debate has long captivated the fandom, with Zoro’s aspiration to become the world’s greatest swordsman amplifying his kingly ambition.

While Sanji’s dream of discovering the legendary All Blue is undoubtedly an admirable and challenging pursuit, it doesn’t quite align with the grander ambitions typically associated with Conqueror’s Haki. In this ongoing debate, Zoro’s lofty goals could give him an edge when it comes to obtaining this extraordinary ability.

Vinsmoke Sanji: The Chivalrous Simp

One of Sanji’s defining traits is his chivalrous nature and his tendency to become infatuated with women. The Zoro vs Sanji debate often highlights the contrast between their characters. Zoro, single-minded and unyielding in his pursuit of swordsmanship, epitomizes the unwavering determination often associated with Conqueror’s Haki users.

Color of the Supreme King requires a resolute focus and an unshakeable will, traits that may be compromised by Sanji’s moments of distraction due to his chivalry. In this ongoing discourse, the Zoro vs Sanji rivalry could intensify when considering their respective paths to power.

Contrasting Character and Personality

Sanji holding Nami in his hands, One Piece Anime
Sanji holding Nami in his hands, One Piece Anime. Image courtesy of TOEI Animation, via IMDb

The Zoro vs. Sanji debate extends beyond their combat abilities; it delves into their character and personality dynamics. Conqueror’s Haki users in One Piece are often depicted as individuals with a commanding presence, an indomitable spirit, and unwavering resolve.

  • This portrayal contrasts with Sanji’s character, which, while strong and determined, deviates from the traditional archetype of Supreme Kings.
  • Moreover, Sanji’s complex history with his royal lineage and connection to the Germa Kingdom introduces a layer of internal conflict.
  • He rejects his royal heritage, further deepening the contrast between his character and the typical Conqueror.
  • In the context of the Zoro vs. Sanji debate, these factors could be interpreted as contributing to Sanji’s potential exclusion from this exclusive club. Zoro on the other hand consistently displays the traits of a Supreme King.


As the Zoro vs. Sanji debate continues to ignite passionate discussions within the One Piece fandom, the question of whether Sanji will attain Conqueror’s Haki remains an intriguing and contentious topic. Based on the way his character is written, it is quite a far-cry from what is usually expected of a Conqueror in One Piece.

Whether or not Sanji eventually awakens Conqueror’s, his role as the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook and fighter will undeniably be a vital one in the ongoing journey, and the Zoro vs. Sanji rivalry will persist as an enduring conversation within the fandom.

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