Will the new Devil May Cry anime be completely CGI?

Devil May Cry anime by Netflix

It seems that Netflix has recently picked a habit of giving franchises an anime adaptation before their supposed sequels. Adding another to the list, the most notorious childhood starter-pack game, Devil May Cry receives an anime adaptation.

The games had an exhilarating experience to give their audience, will the anime be able to keep up with its legacy? If so, will it retain the same medium of animation, in other words, will CGI make another mark in the industry?

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry, or as it is popularly known as DMC, is an action hack-and-slash game created by Hideki Kamiya. The franchise continued to receive many additions to its name, but not all were from its original creator. The general plotline of the games is about Dante, a demon-hunter, who has a blood lineage that makes him end up in situations where he has no choice but to fight.

A still from Devil May Cry
A still from Devil May Cry Teaser | Courtesy of Netflix

The game experience included working hard to achieve long chains of combinations of attacks to receive validation from the servers in the categories ofย  D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS, with D being the lowest. The game has multiple iconic characters besides Dante:

  • Vergil
  • Nero
  • Trish
  • Lady
  • V

The Franchise received an anime adaptation in 2007, adapted by Madhouse. While it was an amazing opportunity to bring the franchise to a new audience, it could not satisfy its fanbase. The animation quality did not live up to their expectation and the fighting scenes failed to hit that nostalgia quota everyone was hoping for.

Netflix Adaptation

The adaptation seems very promising with a fresh animation by Adi Shankar, whose previous work included Castlevania, which had a very good and crisp adaptation. DMC, throughout the years, has had CGI in all of its adaptations, considering demonic beings have to have a certain extent of realism to them. With such a legacy behind it, will we receive a similar fate as the Attack on Titan fans?

A fight scene
Dante Fighting a Demon | Courtesy of Netflix

The teaser released by Netflix indicates that the animation would be similar to Castlevania or Hellsing: Ultimate. It is, however, highly probable that a certain amount of CGI would be used to bring effectiveness to the fight scenes. It would be amazing to have animation as smooth as the recent One Piece episodes, yet I think it could be considered a consensus that DMC shines through with CGI.

As mentioned, if the series is animated in a similar fashion to Castlevania, the fans are in for a treat. Castlevania was a hand-drawn project with a tint of CGI in between. The show was very well-received and has received 4 seasons. In an interview, Director Adi Shankar comments that he aims to make DMC a similar multi-seasonal arc series.


Netflix has been dishing out shows like an unlimited buffet. With the announcement of Devil May Cry and many more franchises to receive anime adaptations, fans can buckle up for a ride of a lifetime for the next year. As we await more information, who do you think will take centre stage this time: Dante, Vergil, or Nero? Comment down below!!

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