Berserk of Gluttony: How does Fate’s powers work?

Fate and Greed of Berserk of Gluttony

Berserk of Gluttony is an upcoming Action-Fantasy Fall 2023 anime. It is a story about Fate Graphite, a man with no skills in a world governed by People who hold skills. However, on a fated day, in his self-defense, he awakens his latent skill, Gluttony. It is a skill that does not follow the logic of this world. How will this skill change his life?

Fate Graphite


Fate Graphite is the main protagonist of Berserk of Gluttony. He is an orphan who barely gets by in life. Born with no skills, he is frowned upon by the Holy Knights. However, everything changes when he awakens his latent skill, Gluttony. Upon awakening, he swiftly went up in strength, being able to take down his bullies.

He undergoes a huge change in personality once he awakens. Before his awakening; he was timid, and kind and would easily get intimated. After the awakening, he has increased self-esteem and confidence. His body undergoes physical changes as well. He grows into a stronger and well-maintained bodybuild. He also grows taller. He takes more risks compared to his older self.

Fate and Greed fighting Goblins
Fate using Greed for the first time | Courtesy of A.C.G.T

To protect Roxy, he continues to persevere and grow stronger in his abilities. But what exactly are his abilities? Let’s find out.

Fate’s Powers

Fate holds the abilities that are from the Seven Deadly Sins skills. These skills have unusual and unconventional mechanics. They boost their users’ powers by multifold, but each of them has a certain requirement that needs to be maintained.

Taking Sloth as an example, this Seven Deadly Sins weapon continues to grow in weight the more it is swung around. This takes a great toll on the user as the weapon continues to grow heavy in exchange for increased offensive output.

Fate's Motivation to protect Roxy
Fate’s Motivation | Courtesy of A.C.G.T

Similarly, Fate wields two of the Seven Deadly Sins abilities, each with its gimmicks. They are [Gluttony] and [Greed]. Both of them have been elaborated on below.

Note: The following sections contain spoilers for the anime. The abilities mentioned below are the updated list of the Galia Arc of the series. 


After acquiring Gluttony, he is always starving for power. The more he defeats opponents and eats their power, the more hungry he gets for power. This is the only skill among the Seven Deadly Sins skills that completely defies the logic of the world. The skill allows him to utilize these abilities:

Fate's Gluttony
Fate’s Gluttony | Courtesy of Comic Ride
  • [Gluttony]: After defeating an opponent, he can take in all of their stats and abilities, incorporating them into himself.
  • [Mind Reading]: He can read the minds of others and the seven deadly sins weapons.
  • [Half-Starving State]: In this state, all his attributes gain a percent boost.
  • [Starving State]: In this state, he has an uncontrollable desire to eat and all his abilities gain a humongous boost.
  • [Berserker State]: If he starves for too long, he will enter into a frenzy mode where he attacks anyone around him. This state can also be reached if he receives immense satisfaction from devouring a soul.
  • [Stolen Abilities]: He can use all the abilities that he devours through [Gluttony]. He has a huge arsenal of abilities, including [sharp edge], [auto recovery], [self heal], [fire manipulation], [sand manipulation], etc.
Fate turning into Berserk Gluttony
Fate’s Berserk Mode | Courtesy of Comic Ride

There are two downsides to his abilities. First, he is unable to gain experience. He will always remain as a Level 1. Second, if he loses control over his skill, he could hurt his close ones if they are around him.


Greed is his companion. It is now a sword, but used to be a human. It selects its own master and chooses Fate due to his ability. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins weapons and hence, comes with a catch. It needs to be constantly upgraded at the cost of Fate’s stat points, otherwise, it would leave him. Even with this condition, Fate continues to use the sword. It allows him to utilize the following abilities:

Greed's Form 2 Bow Stance
Greed’s Bow Stance | Courtesy of A.C.G.T
  • [Swordsmanship]: The basic form of the weapon is a sword and allows Fate to fight with swords.
  • [Bow Stance]: The first upgrade of the weapon turns it into a Bow. It shoots arrows of pure energy and has a honing ability on it. It can also imbibe itself with an element, giving other effects as well. The weapon allows him to utilize [Hidden Arts] in exchange for a set percentage of his Stats.
  • [Scythe Stance]: The second upgrade of the weapon turns it into a Scythe. It can cleave through anything. It also has its own [Hidden Arts] that can be used in exchange for a set percentage of his Stats.
  • [Shield Stance]: The third upgrade of the weapon turns it into a Shield. It has defensive capabilities and protects him. Its’ [Hidden Arts] boosts its defensive abilities in exchange for a set percentage of Fate’s Stats.
  • [Staff Stance]: The fourth upgrade of the weapon turns it into a Staff. It provides him with greater casting abilities. Its’ [Hidden Arts] boosts his magic manipulation and output in exchange for a set percentage of his Stats.

Basic Abilities

Upon gaining these skills, he was able to enhance his other abilities to a further extent. He also trained under the tutelage of Count Barbatos, who used to be a Holy Knight.

Fate using Variant Art
Fate using Variant Art in Bow Stance | Courtesy of Comic Ride
  • [Bare Fist Arts]: At the beginning of his training with Count Barbatos, he was only allowed Bare Fists. This allowed him to hone his close combat bare fist fighting capabilities.
  • [Swordsmanship]: With the tutelage of Count Barbatos, he has taken his swordsmanship to an advanced level.
  • [Variant Arts]: The sacrifice of his stats in exchange for [Hidden Arts] becomes bothersome after some time. To remove this need for these abilities, he came up with his own set of abilities.


The protagonist of the show is a well-rounded character. His abilities have also been intricately designed and have proper explanations in place. These power systems are also easy to understand, allowing its readers a fun experience instead of an overcomplicated piece of fiction that they have to continuously decipher.

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