Dr. Stone : What are the 100 Tales?

Dr. Stone What are the 100 Tales

In the world of Dr. Stone, even the slightest, subtlest of hints pointing toward the knowledge of the modern world shrouds the fandom in anticipation. One of the earliest examples of knowledge getting passed down is through the 100 Tales.

This effect also happens to extend to the characters within the story. The new world’s people react to such revelations with awe and confusion whereas the revived people usually are surprised to see them. Still, given the ambiguity around the stories and their specifics, fans often wonder – What are the 100 Tales?

What are the 100 Tales?

When the crew of the International Space Station survived the worldwide petrification event, they came down to witness the aftermath of the fall of civilization. Humanity was hardly a shadow of its former self and this crew was the sole survivor of the global cleanse, save for the perpetrator.

Given the limits of the human lifespan, it was essential to immortalize the knowledge possessed by this crew before they perished. To ensure that this trove of data accumulated by humans across several millennia wouldn’t go extinct alongside humanity, Ishigami Byakuya decided to create the 100 Tales – a collection of 100 stories to be passed down through the survivors’ descendants.

Significance of the 100 Tales

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So far, we know that the 100 Tales exist in two known surviving communities on Earth. One is the Ishigami Village, where the Villge Priestess passes down these stories generation after generation. The second is in the Petrification Kingdom.

These tales seem to be quite long, given that even after listening to them for an entire night, Senku hadn’t crossed the first dozen tales. They are essentially coded messages to Senku from Byakuya. On the other hand, they also serve as a backup of essential knowledge from the pre-petrification society.

According to Dr. Stone’s Fandom Wiki, these are the known stories from the 100 Tales:

Tale Number Name of Tale Crucial Elements
1 “Momotaro and the Savage Beasts” This story mentions several carnivorous animals to be avoided (lions, gorillas, bears, etc.)
7 “Forbidden Fruit” The distinction between edible food and poisonous food. Mentions of poisonous animals as well.
14 “Speaker” About Speaker the bee, a bee who can repeat the voices of the dead by sticking its stinger on its gravestone. Reveals the glass record’s location.
50 “G1 Grand Prix” An unfunny filler tale by Byakuya.
51 “Cool Must-Have Rocks!” Rocks that should be collected. Mentions which ones are available in the Soyuz Capsule.
77 “Revival Spells” Basic folk remedies.
Unknown Unknown References comedy and the straight man.
Unknown “Make for Japan” Telling the descendants of ISS astronauts to journey to Japan.
100 “Senku Ishigami” A message was left by Byakuya for Senku himself.


The 100 Tales stand as a testament to the tenacity of Byakuya and the rest of the crew of the ISS. The fact that they managed to pass down such crucial pieces of information and Data explains how much trust they had in humanity’s survival instinct and hunger for knowledge.

The most crucial aspect of The 100 Tales is the bond between Byakuya and Senku, evidenced by the former’s belief in Senku. He knew that his son would revive one day and work towards solving the mystery of the petrification and restoring all of humanity back to its former glory. 

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