Liar Liar: Is Sarasa the friend Hiroto is searching for?

Liar Liar : Is Sarasa the friend Hiroto is searching for?

Liar Liar is a Japanese romance-comedy light book that touches on themes of mystery and psychology. Since its initial release, it has received a lot of attention. The novel, written by Haruki Ku and drawn by Konomi, just had an anime adaptation released on July 8, 2023.

The anime adaptation has been created by Geek Toys and directed by Naoki Matsuura and Satoru Ono. Since April 2019, when Media Factory began publishing the riveting light novel series Liar Liar under their MF Bunko J division, thirteen volumes have been made accessible.

Taking a look at the plot of Liar Liar anime

  • Hiroto Shinohara, a student who becomes embroiled in the peculiar games on Academy Island, is the protagonist of the series. Students at Academy Island compete in games to acquire stars and, eventually, the title of “Seven Star.”
  • Hiroto has been transferred to Academy Island and at first, feels a little out of place there. He then meets Sarasa Saionji, who promises to assist and accompany him in this new place.

Hiroto eventually finds himself in a game against Sarasa which is described as a staring contest. The goal is to force the opponent to react in whatever way in order to win. But, a splash of water drenches Sarasa and she reacts in embarrassment, handing Hiroto the victory. Hiroto then receives one star from Sarasa, after catching the Principal’s attention.

Liar Liar : Is Sarasa the friend Hiroto is searching for?
Hiroto and Sarasa’s staring contest. (Image credit goes to Geek Toys)

The characters in this anime are multi-layered and extremely complex to decipher. They hold secrets and lies that they are encouraged to protect. The Liar Liar anime, all in all, is an interesting take on human relationships and the multi-layered personalities of humans in a very comical form.

Sarasa Saionji: a competitive and dynamic character

  • Sarasa Saionji is a second-year high school student with red eyes and red hair who is considered to be very kind but also has a fiery disposition when provoked.
  • She is one of the main characters in the Liar Liar anime. Sarasa is the first person Hiroto encounters when he arrives on Academy Island. He is immediately taken aback by how lovely and sweet she seems to be.
Liar Liar Is Sarasa the friend Hiroto is searching for
Sarasa Saionji. (Image credit goes to Geek Toys)

But after the battle, Sarasa’s behaviour towards Hiroto drastically changes and she loses her temper. Saras is an extremely competitive student who has never lost a battle against anyone. Her friends, as a matter of fact, call her the Empress. It is also later revealed that Sarasa is the granddaughter of  Masamune Saionji, who is the head of Academy Island. She belongs to the most prestigious Saionji family, which actually created Academy Island.

Will Sarasa turn out to be the friend that Hiroto is looking for?

The Liar Liar anime is fresh but not that unique when it comes to the storyline and the themes. The characters are mysterious and interesting because everyone seems to be hiding something and are complex in nature. Everyone at the Academy is more interested in the games than the academics. Hiroto’s presence at the Academy seems to have an ulterior motive as well. He is looking for a mysterious someone, which has not been revealed in the anime or the manga yet.

Liar Liar : Is Sarasa the friend Hiroto is searching for?
Hiroto Shinohara at the Academy Island. (Image credit goes to Geek Toys)
  • Glancing at Hiroto and Sarasa’s relationship so far it can only be assumed without being too sure that the Empress could very well be a possible candidate for the mysterious person that Hiroto is looking for.
  • There is not much information about who would Hiroto end up being with as the manga is still ongoing.


Liar Liar : Is Sarasa the friend Hiroto is searching for?
Hiroto is popular among the students of Academy Island. (Image credit goes to Geek Toys)

The relationship between Hiroto and Sarasa in the Liar Liar anime started off really cute. She helped Hiroto in getting accustomed to this new place that he had just entered. Sarasa could possibly be the friend that Hiroto is looking for. But can only hope for now. We will hopefully find out soon as the manga progresses. Until then, viewers can hold their breaths and wait for a wild plot to unfold.

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