NieR Automata Ver 1.1a : Who is stronger – 2B or 9S?

NieR Automata Ver 1.1a Who is stronger - 2B or 9S

The YoRHa Andsroids from the world of NieR Automata are powerful combat machines built to survive the harsh conditions on the planet and combat Machine Lifeforms. YoRHa 2B and 9S are the most prominent androids as far as the story of NieR Automata is concerned, alongside A2. However, fans have been asking. Who is stronger – 2B or 9S?

YoRHa No.2 Type B: Balanced Combat

NieR Automata Ver 1.1a Who is stronger - 2B or 9S
Image Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

In the game, 2B is armed with two primary swords and a shooter pod. 2B is built as a balanced fighter focusing both on offence and defence with a slight bias towards her offensive prowess. As a combat-focused model, 2B excels at both close-quarters combat and aerial combat both in her own body and her flight unit.

In terms of raw physical capabilities and brute force, 2B is clearly a cut above 9S. She is capable of dishing out harder attacks and heavier combos, while also demonstrating superior battle senses and combat intelligence. 2B is quick to act and hardly ever slows down in the middle of a battle and almost always takes the initiative to clean up enemies quickly and efficiently.

YoRHa No.9 Type S: Technical Hacks

Similar to 2B, 9S is also armed with a sword and a Shooter Pod, although he lacks the ability to carry a secondary weapon. His capabilities also are very similar to 2B, making him an excellent close-quarters combatant and extra efficient in his flight unit. However, in direct comparison, his physical attributes fall short when compared to 2B.

This doesn’t automatically mean that he is weaker than 2B though. Unlike 2B, 9S isn’t built for battle. He is an advanced sensory model built for intel gathering, espionage, and recon purposes. 9S has the ability to hack other machines, doors, and contraptions. He can also chain hacks by hacking multiple machine lifeforms one after the other.

Who is stronger – 2B or 9S?

NieR Automata Ver 1.1a Who is stronger - 2B or 9S
Image Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

When it comes to the question of who’s the stronger android, it ultimately depends on the circumstances. 2B excels at direct combat confrontations and physical showdowns, leaving little hope for 9S’s victory. However, the conditions around the battlefield might greatly impact the outcome of this comparison as 9S relies on his unique and superior hacking skills.

If 9S could hack and control a significant number of machine lifeforms or some type of contraption capable of shifting the tides of battle, raw strength alone will not help 2B for long. At the same time, 2B is an extremely seasoned combatant. In case she comes toe to toe with 9S and he sends a swarm of Machine Life forms at her, it’s only a matter of time before she disposes of them all.


Throughout the game, both 2B and 9S undergo character progression, acquiring new skills and abilities that contribute to their overall strength. Such a progression system doesn’t exactly exist in anime, removing the interactivity and customization found in a game.

Without this function, the outcome of the battle largely depends on the scenario surrounding the conflict. In terms of raw power, 2B easily triumphs over 9S, but if other machine lifeforms, flight units, and hackable objects are involved, the answer wouldn’t be so simple.

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