Ninja, Tech & More: Top 4 Things that Make Ninja Kamui a Must-Watch

Ninja Kamui anime adaptation

Ninja Kamui wastes no time showing its brutal, balletic action chops in a strong premiere — almost promising us a dark revenge tale worth watching.

The first five minutes set the tone with a salaryman fighting off a dozen assassins before getting viciously beheaded, establishing the show’s stylish, bloody tone. It’s a bold opening by director Sunghoo Park hot off his work on Jujutsu Kaisen, showing us that Ninja Kamui aims to be an action standout this season.

But will Park’s fresh take on the ninja revenge story genre capture the nostalgic feel of retro action anime while also providing something new? With its premiere raising the stakes and whetting appetites, Ninja Kamui seems poised to deliver on its potential as a can’t-miss action spectacle. This article will explore the top elements that make Ninja Kamui a series of animation fans should add to their watchlist this season.

Top 5 Things to Expect from Ninja Kamui Anime

Ninja Kamui Trailer breakdown
Ninja Kamui (Image via E&H Production Studio)

4. Thriller storytelling

Ninja Kamui pulls you in right away by introducing Joe Higan’s peaceful family life, then ruthlessly upending it. This emotional gut-punch completely reframes the story and sets up Higan’s tragic backstory and thirst for revenge. It’s exciting, high-stakes storytelling.

  • Ninja Kamui isn’t just an action showcase – it quickly connects you to the characters as well. The premiere’s emotional twist revealing the protagonist’s tragic backstory shows there is a compelling, high-stakes revenge plot beyond the surface-level martial arts thrills. And the charismatic character designs further draw you into this ninja world.

3. Sunghoon Park’s slick direction


Director Sunghoon Park, known for Jujutsu Kaisen, immediately shows off his stylish action chops in Ninja Kamui.

  • The first episode’s assassination scene is a technical marvel, with kinetic camerawork and smoothly animated movements bringing the brutal fights to cinematic life. It’s a visual treat.
  • The hand-drawn movements have an incredible sense of weight and momentum, pulling you into each punch, kick, and sword slash. When the lead character Joe steps into the fray, his skills are animated with breathtaking speed and style.

If you enjoyed JJK Season One’s fight sequences, Ninja Kamui will likely make you feel right at home.

2. Classic Adult Toonami vibes

With its vengeful ninja heroine, gory violence, and Japanese feudal setting filled with magic, Ninja Kamui channels the spirit of mature retro classics like Ninja Scroll that defined Toonami’s heyday. It’s a nostalgic blast.

  • Seeing blood fountains and dismembered limbs on full display gives the combat a visceral edge rarely seen in modern anime. Combined with the heartbreaking reveal of the protagonist’s backstory, Ninja Kamui pulls no punches when it comes to adult-oriented, hard-hitting storytelling.

Yet while it taps into the spirit of retro classics, Ninja Kamui also represents what the future of modern action anime can look like with its incredibly fluid animation and inventive blending of futuristic sci-fi elements into its ninja tale. This could signal an exciting new era for action anime targeted at adult fans longing for the glory days of Toonami.

1. Futuristic tech-savvy ninjas


Not only does Ninja Kamui deliver hard-hitting emotional drama and slickly animated action, the series also has plenty of futuristic sci-fi elements are coming to expand its ninja lore even further.

  • Seeing the protagonist wield an inventive mix of old-world and futuristic weaponry promises fight scenes that are one part martial arts spectacle, one part cyberpunk sci-fi insanity. Ninja Kamui clearly won’t restrict itself to just feudal Japan trappings – the anime’s willingness to blend eras and styles bodes well for its action set pieces continuing to innovate and up the ante.

Where to Watch the Ninja Kamui series?

Ninja Kamui where to watch
Ninja Kamui (Image via E&H Production Studio)

Ninja Kamui will start airing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block on Saturday, Feb. 10 at midnight, with new episodes airing weekly.

  • For anyone who misses the TV broadcast, episodes will also be available the next day on Adult Swim’s website and HBO Max, though access is limited to the United States. International viewers wanting to catch the ninja action will need a VPN service to access the American streaming platforms.


With stunning animation, an emotionally resonant revenge plot, and plenty of style to spare, Ninja Kamui’s premiere cements its status as the breakout ninja action hit of the season. We can expect no shortage of kinetic fight scenes and enthralling drama as Nina Kamui cuts her bloody path through each stylish episode.

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