Best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen based on impact ranked

Yuta and Rika vs. Sukuna on the list of the Best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen

The best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen are simply not the ones that had the most graphic scenes or most alluring content, but the ones that left a lasting impact on our perceptions and emotions as viewers. Jujutsu Kaisen anime is filled with fights that are significantly thought-provoking and often provide a lasting impact, with either a tragedy or a great revelation involved. In this article, we will look at the best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen and try to explain why they have been awarded these rankings.

Best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen – ranked

5. Sukuna vs Jogo

Sukuna vs Jogo is one of the best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen
Sukuna and Jogo’s battle. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

The fight between the special grade cursed spirit Jogo and the special grade incarnated sorcerer Sukuna starts inside Shibuya Station during the Shibuya Incident and moves throughout the city.

  • It is undoubtedly one of the best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen because of its philosophical questioning. Amidst a duel between sorcerers in the heart of Shibuya, they’re all alerted to a massive explosion in the vicinity.
  • Jogo, who has been hurt from the beginning of his fight, crashes through a section of a building that suddenly catches fire. Sukuna jumps off the debris and asks the cursed spirit loudly if that’s all he has as he follows closely after.

This battle is soon followed by a lot of philosophical confrontation and Jogo eventually ends up on the losing side. He manages to put up a strong fight against Sukuna, but eventually falters and fails. In his last moments, Jogo’s mind travels to a fantastical realm where he can bid farewell to his pals Dagon and Hanami. As Sukuna enters the domain, he uncovers Jogo’s philosophy.

Sukuna thinks Jogo’s plan to replace humans on Earth with cursed spirits is ridiculous. Eventually, Sukuna is moved by his philosophy and advises Jogo to stand tall, admiring his strength. The King of Curses recognizes Jogo for his strength, and he tears out of his eyes. He wipes it away and asks what “this” is, but Sukuna is equally clueless, demonstrating how human emotions have found a way to become ingrained in the very soul of a cursed spirit.

4. Yuji Itadori vs Mahito

Yuji vs Mahito during the Shibuya Arc is one of the top fights in Jujutsu Kaisen
Mahito and Yuji’s battle (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

The Yuji Itadori vs Mahito battle is one of the top fights in Jujutsu Kaisen because it shows Yuji as a character who is in immense pain and has practically lost everything, but Mahito is thriving with glory. Moreover, it shows how adamant Yuji was for revenge and how thirsty Mahito was for bloodshed. The battle sheds light on the growing intolerance in both characters and how Yuji had to be a subject and victim of three consecutive tragediesSukuna’s massacre, Nanami’s death, and Nobara’s death.

The battle is one of the best fights in JJK because Yuji manages to fight the battle out of a resolve to make things right, while Mahito simply enjoys his opponent’s pain and finds pleasure in his voyeuristic tendencies. The battle is followed up by Aoi Todo joining Yuji and Mahito eventually fleeing the battlefield. However, it is an important treat for the viewer to see the two brothers teaming up and avenging the death of their comrades, while at the same time rhythmically moving together in harmony during the course of the battle.

3. Mechamaru vs Mahito

Mahito after defeating Mechamaru in Jujutsu Kaisen
Mechamaru and Mahito’s battle (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Mechamaru vs Mahito is one of the top fights in Jujutsu Kaisen and it represents Mechamaru’s true identity as a sorcerer.

  • He sacrifices himself during the battle to save his comrades and eventually assists Yuji and the other sorcerers during the Shibuya battle even after his death.
  • Mechamaru uses years of his cursed energy and gives a tough fight to Mahito, however, he is at some point overcome with excitement and fear and he loses his tactical insight in the process.

Mechamaru vs Mahito remains to be a significant battle in Jujutsu Kaisen and one of the best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen because it shows how a weakling and disabled sorcerer rose from the ashes and challenged one of the strongest villains. It also shows how Mechamaru had the resolve to stand up against evil only to save his loved ones and Satoru Gojo.

2. Yuta Okkotsu vs Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie
Suguru Geto and Yuta Okkotsu’s battle (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Yuta Okkotsu vs Suguru Geto is a testament of love and sacrifice. Being among the top fights in Jujutsu Kaisen, it is also one of the most heartbreaking.

  • Yuta engages with Suguru Geto in battle in a fit of rage but eventually ends up committing his life and his love for Rika.
  • His empowerment of Rika with a kiss allows both Rika and Yuta to surpass the limits of cursed energy and eventually become one.

Yuta and Rika win against Suguru Geto, and the latter dies in the process. Gojo finds a slain Geto and recalls all of his memories and the eventual loss of his best friend. This battle is undoubtedly one of the most emotionally driven fights in Jujutsu Kaisen and it takes a toll on the viewers’ hearts. The entire battle ends with Rika being released from her curse and confessing that she was the happiest with Yuta when she was a curse rather than when she was alive.

1. Gojo Satoru vs Toji Fushiguro

Gojo being killed by Toji in Jujutsu Kaisen
Toji Fushiguro and Gojo Satoru’s battle (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Gojo vs Toji is undoubtedly at the top of the leaderboard amongst the best fights in Jujutsu Kaisen. It contains the most unexpected death and it is the battle where Gojo awakens his true self. Moreover, Gojo’s death in this battle and the subsequent destruction caused by the scheme of events leads to a change of heart for Suguru Geto and transforms him into a villain.

The battle had a lot of ripples which set a discourse much more important than it was precedented. Moreover, Gojo vs Toji remains one of the top fights in Jujutsu Kaisen because it ends with Megumi’s arrival into Gojo’s life and the eventual adoption of the golden boy by the greatest sorcerer.


The manner in which these fights have been ranked is also subject to changes and has been compiled by taking public opinion into consideration. Feel free to comment on your best fights from Jujutsu Kaisen and engage in discussions in our comments section. For more anime updates, subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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