Top 3 Badass Quotes from Castlevania

Vlad Dracula Tepes and Lisa from Castlevania

Castlevania starts with the story of Dracula’s grief and anger at losing his wife. Staked and burnt at the church, Lisa was deemed a witch by her own people. Hell-bent on revenge, Dracula releases his army of night creatures on Wallashia, determined to end humanity once and for all. Such conviction demands an equally strong dialogue to portray the gravity of the story.

Here are 3 badass quotes from the series that will leave you with goosebumps.

Top 3 Badass Quotes from Castlevania

3. Expurgation of a Bishop

Creature of the Night lecturing the Bishop
Creature of the Night Mocking the Bishop | Courtesy of Netflix

“Bishop: She was a Witch!
Night Creature: Lies? In your house of God?
No wonder He has abandoned you.”

A year had passed since Dracula released the creatures of the night. Most of Wallachia had fallen to their hands. The Bishop, responsible for exacting Lisa to the stake, had hidden himself in Gresit. Every night the creatures would feast on the innocent souls of Gresit, leaving at dawn and coming back at dusk.

Blaming all others for this misfortune, while basking in glory as the sole authority of the Church, it is a satisfactory moment when the Bishop is expurged by the very things he would frame others with. The quote is a clear attack on the times of Witch-hunting that were glorified by the Catholics.

2. Issac’s unfaltering loyalty

Isaac's loyalty
Isaac’s determination and loyalty | Courtesy of Netflix

“Issac: I choose my death, as I chose my life.
Dracula: Then I regret only that I have taken a choice for you.”

Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha reach the castle to take down Dracula once and for all. As they fight through the horde of vampire generals, Issac notices them. Calculating the dangers to his lord, Issac asks Dracula to flee through the Carpathian Transmission Mirror. This is the greatest act of loyalty one can make, to let their master escape to safety as they stall his enemies with their life on the line.

However, Isaac could not fathom the trust and loyalty Dracula had for him. To save his forgemaster, Dracula sends him through the mirror with brute force, to a distant desert. This moment had to be carried out delicately, for their relationship was of a master and his general, but their bond was of friends. The dialogue did not fail to deliver, an expert play of words.

Special Mention – An Excluded Existence

Alucard's blatant disgust
Alucard’s Blatant Disgust | Courtesy of Netflix

“Sypha: Isn’t it? It’s amazing.
Alucard: Charming.
Sypha: You’re not even a little bit impressed?
Alucard: It’s like a museum dedicated to the extermination of my people, so, no.”

Underneath the Belmont’s House lies the treasure cove of information about all the creatures of the night. As Sypha, Trevor, and Alucard dig into these reserves to find a way to stop the moving castle and kill Dracula, we are reminded of the exclusion any race could face at the hands of the others.

This is a subtle reminder of how the conquered people feel as they see their culture and their objects of significance displayed in places of interest around the world by their conquerors. The sheer humiliation they must feel is clearly demonstrated by the disgust and sadness Alucard shows at the moment.

1. Realization of a Dead Man

Dracula's realization
A father’s realization | Courtesy of Netflix

“Dracula: Your greatest gift to me and I’m killing him.
I must already be dead.”

Mourning his dead wife, Dracula who was resolved to eradicate humanity as an act of revenge, finally realizes what he has actually lost. Vampires are proud creatures, they hold themselves above humans as they do not fall into the sins of mortal kind. Yet, Dracula was about to commit one. Enraged with grief, he was about to kill his own son.

This moment, single-handedly, defined the entire show—the contradiction of the man who kills for his love and is about to kill his beloved son. The scene made us cry rivers as the battle between the father and the son drew its end. As his rage subsided and he lost all motivation, so did his revenge rest on the shoulders of his son.


Castlevania has various themes displayed with utmost brilliance. The story hits every kind of moral dilemma one could hope to hit, while simultaneously expediting its audience through a journey of self-understanding of historical incidents. The story is well-crafted and we are left begging for more with each season’s end.

But it seems with Castlevania: Nocturne, the curtains have fallen on this franchise for now. Following it, Netflix has announced multiple adaptations, such as Devil May Cry and Lara Croft. If you loved our content here, subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more such exciting information.

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