How will the authors justify Aqua-Ruby kissing scene in Oshi no Ko Chapter 143?

Aqua and Ruby kissing scene in Oshi no Ko Chapter 143

Doomsday awaits Oshi No Ko fans as the familial bond between Aqua and Ruby is turning into something morally questionable with every chapter. Aqua is playing the role of Hikaru Kamiki in the movie whereas Ruby is playing Ai, and the next scene requires the both of them to kiss. While Aqua has tried his best to avoid the situation, Ruby is excited to shoot the scene in Oshi no Ko Chapter 143. Besides the general weirdness about a kissing scene between siblings, Ruby’s enthusiasm makes matters worse. 

Fans were already on the fence regarding any future romantic developments between Aqua and Ruby. As the unpleasant possibilities materialize into reality, how will the authors justify the direction the manga is headed in? Let’s analyze how the relationship between Aqua and Ruby will progress in Oshi no Ko manga.

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Aqua-Ruby kissing scene in Oshi no Ko Chapter 143: Can it be justified?

Ruby asks Aqua to rehearse the kissing scene in Oshi no Ko Chapter 142
Ruby hugs Aqua from Behind | Image Courtesy of Yen Press

Oshi no Ko chapter 142 ends with an unnerving cliffhanger, Ruby asks Aqua if he’d like to practice kissing for the upcoming scene. She creates a scenario where they would be kissing as Gorou and Sarina. Aqua looks alarmed after hearing her suggestion as black stars appear in his eyes. 

  • While a romantically intimate relationship is contentious between siblings, a similar development between Gorou and Sarina is not any better. 
  • At the time of their interactions, they were around the age of 30 and 12. Ruby mentioned that the kissing scene is supposedly happening when she turns 18, but this addition doesn’t improve the situation in the slightest.

Both the situations can’t be justified but they can be explained and explored with caution. The authors might have referenced this within the chapter itself. Yoriko and Abiko sensei are also Mangaka working on the same scene in the chapter, which might be a reference to Akasaka Sensei and Mengo Sensei.

When Aqua questions the importance of the scene, they explain the responsibilities of a writer to him; the writer doesn’t get to stay in the safety zone while telling stories and they bear the responsibility of every letter they write. A writer continues writing while bearing the weight of these responsibilities. 

Ruby acts flustered because of the kissing scene with Aqua in Oshi no Ko Chapter 143
Ruby acts flustered | Image Courtesy of Yen Press

We don’t know if the kiss will actually happen or not. The kissing scene is probably a tool to fuel the development of both characters. Irrespective of the way Ruby has been reacting, before finding out Aqua’s real identity, she spent a huge amount of time as his sister. If that time amounts to nothing, it’ll be quite disappointing. With the kissing scene, she might need to make a proper distinction between who she was and is at present. 

The relationship between Ruby and Aqua

Aqua and Ruby in Oshi no Ko anime
Aqua and Ruby from Oshi no Ko anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

In her previous life, Gorou was the only person Sarina had an extended interaction with. Her relationship with him was the only source of joy she had besides the parasocial relationship she shared with Ai. Gorou was an extremely caring doctor and he tried his best to partake in the excitement Sarina felt towards Ai. All these incidents are remembered fondly by her, and she perceives the bond she shared with Gorou romantically.

The experiences she had as Sarina are strongly present in her, which might be the reason she is so enthusiastic about her kiss with Aqua. She fails to realize that she’s now Ruby and Gorou is now Aqua. The kiss might help her internalize her new life. The movie has been a great introspective experience for her. She has made conscious choices to take a path that is different from Ai. She has probably gotten closer to the real Ai than anybody else around her. Her graph might observe another spike as the kissing scene acts as her wake-up call.

Sarina returns in Oshi no Ko Chapter 142
Sarina Tendouji from Oshi No Ko | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Unlike Ruby, Aqua is slightly more conscious of his two lives. Regarding the kissing scene, he has been pretty reluctant up till now, but at the end of the recent chapter, we see the black stars showing up in his eyes. Aqua with the black stars is a menace.

He might teach Ruby a lesson in a stern and hurtful manner. Considering how he is probably aware of the roots of Ruby’s attachment and her circumstances in her previous life, he might even be considerate enough to not cross the line. Irrespective of how Aqua handles the situation, the kissing scene will be a huge turning point for their relationship and hopefully for the better. 


Ruby and Aqua kissing scene in Oshi no Ko Chapter 143
Image Courtesy of Yen Press

The authors must have something planned out if they’re taking such a bold decision with a popular manga like Oshi no Ko. The effects of the manga heading down an incestuous path will be reflected in its readership. There is a substantial amount of risk involved. Readers who are not as fond of the characters might not think twice before dropping the manga if it indeed follows up with the controversial direction that has been teased. 

All we can do for now is patiently wait for the authors to work their magic and hopefully not ruin the characters we’ve all grown to love and adore. How do you feel about these recent developments? Let us know in the comments!

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