Bleach TYBW Part 2: What are Uryu’s true intentions?

Bleach TYBW Part 2: What are Uryu's true intentions?

Being one of the closest comrades of Ichigo Kurosaki for the entirety of the story, Uryu Ishida switched sides in the Thousand Year Blood War arc. This was followed by him getting crowned as the successor of Yhwach. Is this because of his Quincy identity? Or is he plotting something on his own?

This betrayal is unlike whatever we’ve known of him so far. What are Uryu’s true intentions? This article will explore the reasons behind Uryu’s decision and his true intentions. 

Uryu’s Betrayal

Bleach TYBW Part 2: What are Uryu's true intentions?
Uryu Ishida from Thousand Year Blood War | Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Whether it’s his first appearance in the beginning, the Soul Society Arc, or the Hueco Mundo, Uryu has proved himself indispensable. Even though his attachments with Ichigo and the others weren’t acknowledged verbally by him, they were obvious enough. After going through his father’s journal he starts to have conflicting feelings.

Bleach TYBW Part 2: What are Uryu's true intentions?
A still from Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War | Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot
  • He gets escorted by Jugram Haschwalth to Yhwach. He gets a proposal to fight alongside the Quincies.
  • Uryu accepts it, betraying his friends. He’s also declared to be the successor of the Quincy king.
  • This will lead to him facing off against Ichigo sometime in the future; making his betrayal known to everyone.

What are Uryu’s true intentions?

For the time being, Uryu has decided to pursue a different path than Ichigo. While this might be how things are, there are chances that the betrayal isn’t really what it seems like. 

  • Uryu has a personal grudge against Yhwach now. He might be trying to weaken the Quincies or has a plan to defeat them on his own. 
  • Ichigo won’t react well to Uryu’s involvement with the Quincies. He might just be doing it to bring out Ichigo’s anger and his true potential as he understands the difference between Yhwach and Ichigo in terms of strength.
  • Uryu takes pride in his Quincy powers.  He has time and again reiterated his pride in being a Quincy. Maybe he finds Yhwach’s Quincy agenda worthwhile and wants to contribute to it. 
Bleach TYBW Part 2: What are Uryu's true intentions?
Ryuken Ishida, Uryu’s father in Thousand Year Blood War arc | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Maybe we haven’t been told the complete truth that Uryu learned from Ryuken’s journal. There might be something that has reignited his feelings of animosity toward the Soul Reapers.

Everything we’ve known of Yhwach so far doesn’t coincide with his declaration to make Uryu his successor. He might be pulling some strings too knowing fully well that Uryu would never betray his friends. In that case, things will take an ugly turn for Uryu. 

The Cycle of Hate

Bleach TYBW Part 2: What are Uryu's true intentions?
Uryu Ishida and Ichigo Kurosaki | Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Another reason behind Uryu’s betrayal can be the cycle of hate between Soul Reapers and Quincies. While it isn’t explicitly that, it has caused destruction and deaths leading to that. Uryu has already closely observed the ideologies of the Soul Reapers. Siding with the Quincies might be his first step towards ending the hatred between them.


No matter the intentions behind it Uryu’s betrayal will stir a storm of emotions for sure. We might also get a duel between Ichigo and Uryu for the same reason. As Bleach TYBW Part 2 progresses we grow close to the truth. But as of now things are still vague and which direction the clarity will take the story in is a question of the future. 

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