Could Frieren Beyond Journey’s End surpass Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in MyAnimeList Rankings?

Could Frieren Beyond Journey's End surpass Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in MyAnimeList Rankings

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End has been an exceptional show of the Fall Season 2023. It has ranked number 1 in multiple popularity rankings, ranging from media outlets’ popularity rankings to official anime subreddit rankings. However, one place where it has yet to rank 1 is the MyAnimeList ranking which has been dominated by Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood since 2010.

Will this up and coming newbie finally dethrone the everlasting reign of the alchemist brother for good, or will history repeat itself? Let’s find out. Stay updated with all gossip about anime by subscribing to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, which comes twice a week!!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Reign of Terror

Eric Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Eric Edward | Courtesy of Bones

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, or FMAB as it is popularly known, has been reigning at the top of the MyAnimeList since 2010. Many have tried to topple it down, very few have succeeded, alas for a little while had they shared its glory. The following have gone down in history as being the only ones who have dethroned this beast:

These titles have sat on the number 1 spot but not for long, before fans of FMAB review bombed them to push their favorite series back to the spot of the king. This is mainly due to the toxic side of the anime community. Yes, this is not specifically a trait of the FMAB fanbase, although they have been the most extreme about it.

Fans of a series do not take it well when their favorite series is losing to some other series. So it is frequently seen that these individuals would go and review bomb the other series. Either negatively review the challenger or add more positive reviews to their own side, making the competition very unfair for those on the other side. However, this phenomenon is something that is seen on both sides of the competition, making the side with more spite to win at the end.

Will Frieren Beyond Journey’s End dethrone FMAB?

Popularity Ranking in MyAnimeList
Popularity Ranking | Courtesy of MyAnimeList

For a little while, Frieren Beyond Journey’s End did surpass FMAB in the MyAnimeList rankings, becoming the number 1 and solidifying its claim of being the anime of the season. However, as stated earlier, the toxic side of the fanbase made its appearance. FMAB fans review bombed on both series, positively on the dethroned series and negatively on the new king.

As such, Frieren Beyond Journey’s End came down to number 2 with a popularity rating of 9.09, while FMAB had a renewed popularity rating of 9.10. The situation is filled with uncertainty now. There are many factors that will affect this competition moving forward:

Frieren, Fern, and Stark in Frieren Beyond Journey's End
Frieren, Fern, and Stark | Courtesy of Madhouse
  • Each episode from Frieren Beyond Journey’s End has been an immaculate experience that more and more people are joining in to feel. As such, it can be expected the upcoming episodes will carry the same weight and influence its popularity rating again.
  • The FMAB fanbase is a bunch of determined folks who won’t allow their favorite series to be taken down the spot.
  • Even if not right away, Frieren Beyond Journey’s End has the potential to continuously rise in rating as more people find out about this anime.
  • If the Frieren fanbase is as spiteful as the FMAB fanbase, then the one with the most spite will win.

To be frank, in my heart, Frieren Beyond Journey’s End has already won and I would not care for any ranking to prove it to someone else. However, this long-running dictatorship of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood needs to come to an end, and who better than a new-to-the-scene anime?


The hefty competition between shows to claim the number 1 spot in MyAnimeList ranking is nothing short of a political thriller. It is riddled with plot twists so surprising, it could very well become an anime. Coming back to the discussion of who wins at the end, I have said my piece. What do you think? Who wins?

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