Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Release Schedule + Additional Information

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End anime

Get ready to go on a beautiful journey that explores human lives and experiences through the perspective of an elf, Frieren. Written and illustrated by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga is getting an anime adaptation. Announced back in 2022, the anime is ready to set sail this Friday.


As the anime gets ready for its emotionally stimulating run, here’s everything you need to know. From the release schedule to additional information, so that you embark on the journey with Frieren on time. 

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Release Schedule

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
A still from the anime trailer | Image Courtesy of TOHO Animation

With a 2-hour long first episode, Frieren Beyond Journey’s End will begin its run for fall 2023 on Friday, September 29th. In Japan, the first episode will air on NipponTV at 9:00 PM JST. After that, the subsequent episodes will come out at 11:00 PM JST every week. 

  • International fans outside of Japan can catch the episode on Crunchyroll. It’ll be available at 8:00 AM PT. There have been no updates about the release date and timings for dubbed episodes. 
  • Muse Communications will stream the episodes on its official YouTube channel for Southeast Asia. 
Frieren anime
Frieren and her band of adventures | Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse

Starting from Friday, 29th September Frieren Beyond Journey’s End will air weekly for the entirety of Fall 2023 stretching onto Winter. The anime will finish its run with two consecutive cours. 

Additional information

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End anime
Frieren, the elf | Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse
  • Studio Madhouse is handling the animation production of the anime with Keiichiro Saito as the director in charge. 
  • The opening theme is ‘Yusha’ by Yoasobi.
  • The ending theme is ‘Anytime Anywhere’ by Millet. 
  • The first episode will feature a special ending also performed by Millet, ‘Bliss’. 
  • Frieren will be the first anime show to air during the Kin’yo RoadShow time slot which usually broadcasts Feature films. 

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End: What is it about?

Frieren and her comrades
Heiter, Frieren, Himmel, and Eisen | Image Courtesy of TOHO Animation

This synopsis contains spoilers for the first episode. Frieren along with Band Members namely Himmel, Eisen, and Heiter defeats the Demon King after a ten-year-long journey. Before heading their separate ways, the group of adventurers watch the Eras meteors which are visible once every fifty years. Frieren promises her friends that they’ll watch it the next time around as well. She sets out on a journey across the world for magical knowledge.

When she returns after fifty years, all her friends have gotten significantly older. Frieren, being an elf, has a lifespan of more than a thousand years and doesn’t age as rapidly. They set out on a trip to watch the meteors and Himmel dies right after it. The death of her friend hits her with a realization of how short human lives are. She decides to see her other friends and know more about humans while she still can. 


Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
A still from the trailer featuring Frieren and Fern | Image Courtesy of TOHO Animation

With more than 10 million copies in circulation, the manga is highly regarded by the fans. The setting of the manga is a slice-of-life set up in a fantasy world. It holds the potential to make you question the meaning of life in the most beautiful way possible. Our sobbing days will start on September 29th with Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime.

The anime will broaden the fanbase hopefully while retaining everything that makes Frieren Beyond Journey’s End as special as it is. 

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