Can we expect a Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Season 2: Episode 21 hints at a potential continuation

Serie seating on her chair, hinting at a possible Frieren Beyond Journey's End Season 2 interaction between her and Frieren

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End has continued to be a masterpiece, not wavering in its quality of animation and storytelling, journeying deep into our hearts as it slowly comes toward its end. That brings us to whether a “Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Season 2” is possible. With official information stating that there would be 28 episodes, is there enough material for a season 2?

In this article, I will be delving deep into the show’s lore and summarizing if there is enough content for a potential sequel. Subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter to continue receiving updates about all the currently airing shows and upcoming wonders from the community.

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Season 2 is a possible future

Well, good news for all of us Frieren fans, there’s enough material for Season 2. More than enough is what I think. The popularity that the show has garnered dictates that a sequel will follow, along with how well the recent shows are being treated, the community can expect a sequel similar to how Eminence in Shadows received its season 2.

With the anime’s current pacing, it seems that the season will end with either the second stage or the final stage of the First Class Mage exams ending. The second stage will command more cooperation from the participants who have passed the first stage and the third and final stage will have Serie making a proper appearance in the present timeline of the story.

Frieren defeating Denken with only Basic Attack Spells in Frieren Beyond Journey's End Episode 21
Frieren defeating Denken with only Basic Attack Spells | Courtesy of Madhouse

Moving forward from the Qualification exam, we will find Frieren and her party entering the Northern Plains and continuing their journey toward Aūβerst to meet Himmel. However, the manga has yet to reach that point, which suggests that there could be more than one sequel for our favorite show. Coming soon would be an arc that would push Frieren to her limits, making her move past her principles of using only basic spells and entering the territory of her barrage of untapped offensive spells.

When can we expect a Season 2?

Season 1 is en-route to end on 23rd March 2024, considering there are no delays or hiatuses in between. With a possibility of a sequel announcement right after, similar to how The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 and 3 were announced, season 2 should be in sight earlier this year during the Summer or Fall season or later next year during Winter or Spring season.

Season 1 Pacing has managed to catch up to around 50 chapters of the story and is expected to catch up to chapter 60 by its end, which leaves us with 63 more chapters currently. This means that there’s enough material to cover without having to depend on fillers. A season 3 might take its time, however, a season 2 seems imminent at its current popularity.

Current Progress of the Story

Frieren vs. Denken in Frieren Beyond Journey's End Episode 21
Denken | Courtesy of Madhouse

With Episode 21, Frieren Beyond Journey’s End has concluded the first stage of the First Class Mage Qualification Exams. All the characters that we have been introduced to have passed the exam, with Frieren and Fern having a definitive win over the others. The Episode ended with an epic moment of Frieren breaking apart the Legendary Serie’s Barrier spell, which followed after her epic battle with Denken, highlighting her genius-level grasp over magic.

Episode 22 will begin with a certain slice-of-life moment before diving into the briefing of the second stage and slowly settling into its atmosphere. Frieren and Fern will be cooperating with multiple other characters that they were recently up against to clear the second stage and move up the ladder in hopes of qualifying as First Class Mage.


Fans would be delighted to find that Frieren Beyond Journey’s End will not be ending with a single season, unlike No Game No Life, and will be having a sequel that would bring us more adventure stories about our endearing favorite party of Frieren, Fern, and Stark. Following sequels will also highlight the relationship between Fern and Stark, while showing us more of Frieren’s innate genius and strengths.

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