Kaguya Sama Author’s new manga is Renai Daikou: what is it about + where to read?

Kaguya Sama Author’s new manga is Renai Daikou what is it about + where to read

Kaguya Sama Author has once again returned with another enticing piece of entertainment after the successful reception of the Oshi no Ko anime. Aka Akasaka’s stories seem to have a certain hint of mesmerism weaved into them and consequentially, fans have been wondering about his latest manga, Renai Daikou.

Plot and Premise


‘Renai Daikou’ translates to ‘Love Agency’. The manga is set to follow the story of a half-Swedish, half-Japanese girl called Mari Maria Winter Nanase, who hails from a prestigious family and is gifted with tantalizing looks and popularity. However, beneath that perfect life facade, Maria has one pressing issue, she can’t talk to boys.

Maria’s issue is quite different from someone like Komi Shouko from a similarly themed series though, she isn’t incapable of talking to boys, but rather gets extremely flustered when doing so and fails to communicate even the slightest of details properly, leading to unexpected results and scenarios.

Is it connected to Kaguya Sama and Oshi no Ko?


Renai Daikou is set in the same universe as Akasaka’s other two works, according to the official wiki. However, this time around, Akasaka is working only on the story, and the art is being done by Nishizawa 5mm who is an independent Japanese VTuber, illustrator, and doujin artist.

Renai Daikou takes place in the same universe as Oshi no Ko and Kaguya Sama. The first chapter of the manga mentions Frill Shiranui, a character from Oshi no Ko. So far, there doesn’t seem to be an outright connection between the three series, but a lot of thematic references seem to be prevalent.

Themes of love and romance take the forefront of Renai Daikou as well, as Maria tries to talk to a boy in her class she likes with the help of a ‘Love Agency’. Akasaka’s works often use a goofy, vibrant, and lighthearted exterior to talk about some really deep and thought-provoking concepts and issues related to the human psyche, which is also evident here.

Where to read?


Renai Daikou started serializing on April 27, 2023, and so far, three chapters have been out. The manga is being serialized by Young Jump, targeting the Seinen demographic. However, official English translations are not yet available and the only place to read the original Japanese version online is Young Jump’s Official Website.

Given Akaksaka’s fame as a creator and the popularity of his other works, an official translation shouldn’t be too far away. Along that same line of thought, a potential anime series could also be expected in the future.



Renai Daikou seems to be an eccentric mix of Komi Can’t Communicate and My Dress Up Darling on the outside. The involvement of a Love Agency is the core unique twist at this point.

The characters seem to be interesting and enticing so far, and the main characters’ antics and shenanigans with the Love Agency as she works towards building her courage seem to be the driving force of the story.

Overall, this would be the perfect read for fans looking for a fun, light-hearted romance read. Akasaka’s narrative is quite entertaining as ever and Nishizawa’s art is in perfect sync with it.

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