How did Aki Hayakawa’s death change Denji?

How did Aki Hayakawa's death change Denji?

Aki Hayakawa is one of the main characters in the Chainsaw Man manga series. He is a Devil Hunter who is driven by a desire to avenge the death of his family at the hands of the Gun Devil. Aki’s death is one of the most tragic events in the Chainsaw Man series.

Aki and Denji

How did Aki Hayakawa's death change Denji?
Aki Hayakawa and Denji | Image courtesy of MAPPA

Aki and Denji initially hated one another with their first mission ending up in a physical and verbal altercation, wherein Aki insults and punches Denji, only for Denji to knee him in the crotch and kick him while he’s down. He thinks Denji is a simpleton, a brute, vulgar, and too unthinking to continue in a dangerous line of work.

Despite the fight, they continued to work together due to Makima’s request. Also at Makima’s request, Aki allowed Denji to move into his home and took care of him. After fighting alongside each other and living in the same household, Aki began to consider Denji a close friend, although he still found him obnoxious at times.

He even went so far as to request the Fourth Division be exempt from fighting the Gun Devil in an attempt to keep Denji and Power safe. When Aki was fighting Denji as the Gun Fiend, he imagined it as a snowball fight between friends, or possibly even brothers, as it paralleled his snowball fight with his brother in the past.

Aki’s Death

How did Aki Hayakawa's death change Denji?
Aki in his Fiend form | Image via VIZ

Aki dies in Chainsaw Man after being mortally wounded by Denji. Aki had made a contract with the Future Devil, which allowed him to see the future in exchange for his lifespan. Aki used this power to learn how to defeat the Gun Devil, but it also showed him that he would die in the process.

Aki went through with his plan to defeat the Gun Devil, and he was able to inflict serious damage on the Devil. However, the Gun Devil was still too powerful for Aki, and he was mortally wounded.

Aki died in Denji’s arms, and his death had a profound impact on him. Aki was one of Denji’s closest friends and allies, and his death left a deep hole in Denji’s heart.

The Significance of Aki’s Death

How did Aki Hayakawa's death change Denji?
Aki Hayakawa and Denji | Image via VIZ

Aki’s death is significant for a number of reasons. First, it is a death that is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Aki dies a hero, sacrificing his own life to protect the people he loves and to defeat the Gun Devil.

How did Aki Hayakawa's death change Denji?
Aki witnessing the death of his family | Image courtesy of MAPPA

Unlike most Devil Hunters, Aki, through most of the course of the story, never gave up on his goal of killing the Gun Devil. This obsession made him willing to pay any price to achieve his goals, be it working with Devils or sacrificing most of his life span. Even after giving up his dream of killing the Gun Devil to protect his friends, he was still more than willing to make any contract to protect them.


How did Aki Hayakawa's death change Denji?
Aki Hayakawa and Denji | Image via VIZ

Aki Hayakawa’s death in Chainsaw Man came as a piece of shocking news to all. His death is a symbol of sacrifice and heroism. He is a true hero who died fighting for what he believed in.

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