MHA Vigilantes: Stain’s Nose Mystery revealed

MHA Vigilantes Stain's Nose Mystery revealed

It’s not always possible for a creator to put all his ideas into his creation. There are always more details to a manga or anime series which can be offered to fans. Finding a cohesive way to do that is a task. My Hero Academia Vigilantes helped Horikoshi with this problem by being a commendable spin-off of his series. 

MHA Vigilantes is darker as compared to the original series and make the world-building more solid. And a perfect example of this is the mystery around the hero killer Stain’s nose. The truth behind his absent nose is both dark and gory. It also puts his entire character into perspective.

MHA Vigilantes has very naturally fit into the MHA timeline and explained the canon events without leaving much space for plotholes. Here’s the truth behind Stain’s Nose. 

Stain’s back story in MHA Vigilantes

MHA Vigilantes Stain's Nose Mystery revealed
Stain, the hero killer | Image Courtesy via IMDb

My Hero Academia Vigilantes is a spin-off manga written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court. The mangaka of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi also pitches in his ideas for the plot. He has also signed off the spin-off as canon to the events of the main series. 

MHA Vigilantes featured the backstories of many characters including Stain and Aizawa. Stain’s backstory isn’t limited to his past but rather the foundation of his current self and his ideologies.

The main characters in MHA Vigilantes are young adults and it facilitates the introduction of some mature elements easier such as graphic violence. MHA isn’t very light in that respect either, but Vigilantes is more brutal in that sense. 

Stain’s Nose Mystery revealed

MHA Vigilantes Stain's Nose Mystery revealed
Stain against Knuckleduster, My Hero Academia Vigilantes | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Stain first appeared in My Hero Academia manga as a villain but with a sound ideology. This made him a fairly likeable villain. His menacing appearance was alleviated by his absent nose. MHA Vigilantes explored his character with more depth and that is where we find the answer to his absent nose. 

Stain was not always the Hero Killer. He tried to become a hero himself after admiring All Might for years. But to his disbelief, not every aspiring hero had the same motivations. This made him lose faith in heroes and he tried to reignite the true ideology of heroes. He failed to do that and resorted to violence. He became a vigilante himself.

MHA Vigilantes Stain's Nose Mystery revealed (1)
Stain, My Hero Academia Vigilantes | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

His fate led him to a fight against Knuckleduster. Stain somewhere in his mind underestimated Knuckleduster. But instead got punched hard in his nose. He went back home and cut off his nose with a knife to make his resolve stronger, his resolve to destroy villains as well as fake heroes. And that led to Stain, The Hero Killer as we got to see him in My Hero Academia.

MHA Vigilantes Stain's Nose Mystery revealed (1)
Stain, after cutting his nose off | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

So even though his nose was destroyed by Knuckleduster, the reason why he doesn’t have it anymore is because of himself. 


My Hero Academia Vigilantes is one of the best examples of a spin-off series. It supports the main story while establishing its own identity. Doing it well enough for fans to compare it to the main story. 

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