MHA Vigilantes: Will we see characters from the main series?

MHA Vigilantes

My Hero Academia Vigilantes is a spinoff series that is getting an upcoming anime adaptation. The story of this spinoff exists in the same universe as My Hero Academia. MHA Vigilantes becomes a reset into the timeline and is a story that is filled with depth and relevance, something which holds great significance to the franchise and the ongoing plot.

The universe of MHA is scattered across several timelines and all of these draw their conclusions and reflect them into the ongoing main story. One such example is the power of All Might. MHA Vigilantes will also feature some of the greatest characters from the main series.

MHA Vigilantes – what is it about?

MHA Vigilantes manga is about a hero without a hero’s license. Koichi Haimawari set out to help others but he doesn’t own a valid government authorization to do so.

Koichi and a street performer named Kazuho Haneyama, known by the name Pop Step, are rescued by vigilante Knuckleduster when they are being harassed by a group of thugs. Knuckleduster then goes on to hire Koichi to become a vigilante himself and thus starts their adventure together.

MHA Vigilantes
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Together, this trio comprised of Koichi, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster, embark on an adventurous journey to save people from harm. But, it is not their action but their ideals that clash with the licensed heroes.

They are extremely hostile to the licensed heroes and the hero business, putting not only the ones involved in danger but also the lives of innocent people who have entrusted trained heroes with their lives.

Will MHA Vigilantes feature characters from the main series?

The main series’ characters are spread across an elongated and extended timeline. This timeline also extends into the past and as MHA Vigilantes takes place in a time which is 6 years prior to the time period of the original series, it is not a surprise that the characters who have done hero business during that period would also feature in this spinoff.

MHA Vigilantes
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)
  • We will see characters like Eraserhead, Ingenium, Stain, and Fat Gum who will play major side characters and All Might, Endeavour and Midnight playing minor cameos in the spinoff.
  • MHA Vigilantes will feature these characters to complement the main character Koichi and his ideals, which will be questioned, practised, opposed, and attacked.

What roles do the characters from the main series play in MHA Vigilantes?

The characters from My Hero Academia feature as both major and minor side characters in the MHA Vigilantes. The spinoff series shows how Eraserhead has a major ideological clash with the vigilantes, while on the other hand, we see Ingenium helping the main character and making the highest number of appearances.

MHA Vigilantes
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Other than these two, we will also see how Stain was a part of Vigilantes and how he left the group to chase after his own pursuits of happiness.

We will also see Fat Gum as a character in MHA Vigilantes and his contribution to the police and their work, significantly making him one of the coolest characters both in the MHA Vigilantes and My Hero Academia main series.

We will see other minor cameos of All Might, Endeavour, and Midnight. Since it takes place shortly after the fight between All Might and All for One, it becomes a major shift from the main story but keeps the narrative intact by showing these characters in action!


MHA Vigilantes is not unlike any regular spinoff, as it will focus subsequently on the characters from the main series as well. The most important are the features of Stain and Ingenium, which will give us a glimpse into the past of these fan-favourite characters.

Through this spinoff, we will be able to explore what was left unsaid and what was unheard, a glimpse into the past to take a dive into the present.

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