Top 3 difference between Mushoku Tensei’s Anime and Manga

Mushoku Tensei Rudeus Greyrat

A fan’s most cherished dream is to receive an adaptation faithful to its source material. Acclaimed as the best isekai anime, Mushoku Tensei is responsible for being accurate to one of the most popular literature in the anime fandom. So how accurate is our favorite? Does it drift from the source, or has it retained its essence? Let’s find out!

Anime Vs. Manga Debate

Anime adaptations give life to our favorite characters, receiving an immediate +1 over Manga adaptations. Yet, at times, mangas give us a thrill that anime could never recreate.

While it’s an unending debate about which is better, it is quite easy to talk about the accuracy of both adaptations. Few anime have accurately executed their source material, and most have slight differences here and there. Can the same be said about Mushoku?

While mangas have the creative liberty to recreate a scene, anime has to follow strict regulations with what they animate. Having certain guidelines with age ratings, they usually recreate the scene as they see fit for the target audience. This leads to inaccuracy and sometimes complete diversion from the source material.

Here are 3 things Mushoku did differently from the Manga

Rudeus to Julie
Rudeus’s Expression in the Manga | Courtesy of Media Factory
  • Expressions that demand gravity: There have been times when Rudeus felt more jolly than his manga counterpart. Manga Rudy is emotionally weaker than Anime Rudy. Anime Rudy has a sturdier mentality than his manga counterpart, being able to understand and accept situations with the kind of maturity that is expected of him.
  • This is usually subtle throughout the series, however, it became noticeable during the slave purchase scene in the recent episode. Anime Rudy has an understanding demeanor and expression during his interaction with Julie, while his manga counterpart’s expressions are devoid of hope. The Manga could better express the despair Rudy had in him.
  • This was a key scene that showed the depth of his character.
Paul reuniting with Rudeus
Rudeus’ union with Paul in the manga | Courtesy of Media Factory
  • Did a reunion go wrong?To reunite with your father after two gruesome years of trauma should have been a little different for Rudeus than how it turned out. Their reunion was dramatic and full of emotions. The anime, however, had a different approach to their reunion than the manga.
  • In the Manga, Rudy meets his father in the guild when he stops two of his party members fighting. The clash was shortlived, with Paul expertly slicing the undergarment Rudy was wearing. Having his identity revealed, Rudy bore Paul’s unending rage on his lack of effort in finding his lost family.
  • The manga’s execution felt more real and true to a father’s dismay than the anime’s execution. In the anime, Rudy meets Paul when he is playing hero to rescue some kid. As his identity is revealed, they go to the local bar to talk. Paul berates Rudy, but it feels more like taunting. It does not feel like anger and more like sarcastic remarks an average high school bully would make.
Badigadi told to stop
The Professors talking to Badigadi | Courtesy of Media Factory
  • The Unforeseen ClimaxThe conclusion to his fight with Badigadi was shown to be a super effective punch by the Demon Lord. It was executed as a part of the condition of both using their strongest attack against each other. This elevated the mood and allowed for a burst of laughter to sneak in.
  • Yet this isn’t how it happened in the manga. Noticing the huge commotion surrounding their battle, the professors of Ranoa Magic Academy intervened after Rudy fired his shot. This cut their duel short. Nonetheless, the Demon Lord accepted his defeat before their intervention.

Fan’s response to these changes


The fanbase does not mind these slight changes in both adaptations. Having said this, they have an uncontentious preference for the anime over the manga. This is quite a sight. More usually than never, fans side with the manga adaptation of a series. This is mostly because mangas are the source material for any further adaptations.

But this is not the case in Mushoku. Mushoku’s source material is its Light Novel, which the Anime follows. Their opinion regarding the manga is, that it is a bad adaptation of the series that they come to love so much. The debate surrounding anime and manga regarding the better adaptation is a forever mystery.

Crystal clear is how the fans would describe this debate in their circles. It will always be Anime over Manga for our dear Jobless Reincarnates.

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