Mushoku Tensei: Who is Hitogami? All his Powers – Explained

Mushoku Tensei Who is Hitogami All his Powers - Explained

Mushoku Tensei has many underlying mysteries and mysterious beings, one of them being the Man-God Hitogami. He is a self-proclaimed Human God and is also the sworn enemy of Orsted, the Dragon God. Hitogami is an extremely powerful being, but his true potential still remains a mystery to us.

At the beginning of his introduction, he was introduced as an ally of the protagonist Rudeus Greyrat, but is then revealed that he is actually the antagonist of Mushoku Tensei who prevented the birth of Rudeus’ children.

Mushoku Tensei: Hitogami and his projected personality as a Human God

Hitogami appears to be a very friendly and casual being when he interacts with his apostles. But, he is actually a very strategic and cunning being who is interested in pulling strings to control others. Hitogami in Mushoku Tensei is also a sadist who derives pleasure from the pain and oppression of others and is only interested in seeing others in despair and loss.

Mushoku Tensei Who is Hitogami All his Powers - Explained
Hitogami in Jobless Reincarnation. (Image credit goes to Studio Bind)
  • Hitogami is said to have been born in the Void World after the death of the Creator God. He supposedly killed the original Human God and usurped their position, which now came to be known as Hitogami. Moreover, he is known to have manipulated the Dragon God and the Dragon Generals into destroying the other four worlds as well.
  • He presents himself as the God who connects the Human World to the rest but is actually trapped in the Void and isn’t able to manifest into a human form.

What are Hitogami’s powers and abilities in Mushoku Tensei?

Hitogami has the ability to talk to people in their dreams. Moreover, he can be easily trusted by all Humans in the world except Rudeus and his descendants. Hitogami also has the ability to read minds and look into the future. He also holds divine powers, even one to destroy the Dragon World with a single strike. Moreover, Hitogami is a cunning trickster, who invests in nothing but his own self-interests, and therefore tries to control everyone to fulfill his own desires.

Mushoku Tensei Who is Hitogami All his Powers - Explained
Hitogami. (Image credit goes to Studio Bind)

He can also look into the future and can see anyplace in the world, except those with high mana concentration. Hitogami can likely control three apostles at a time, otherwise, his future sight becomes vague. This also means that he can use this ability only up to a certain extent. He also has an obsession with looking into his own future constantly, thereby limiting his future sight and all-seeing ability.

How evil is Hitogami in Mushoku Tensei?

Hitogami is a manipulator and a trickster, who only cares about his own interests and desires. Moreover, he is the one who successfully tricked the previous dragon god and made him destroy the other races and their worlds. This forced everybody to migrate to the human world. Moreover, he was the one who drove Pax Shirone into committing suicide using his Apostles. This prevented the creation of the Republic of Shirone.

Mushoku Tensei Who is Hitogami All his Powers - Explained
Hitogami in Jobless Reincarnation. (Image credit goes to Studio Bind)

Hitogami is an evil-minded genius who can look into the future and also remain omnipresent. His divine abilities and his existence give him the power to manipulate and withhold information, making him a genius at instigating wars and battles, leading to the destruction of worlds.


Hitogami in Mushoku Tensei is a cunning genius who is extremely powerful and divinely capable of creating and destroying worlds. But, he doesn’t get his own hands dirty and instead uses his apostles to do his dirty work. Moreover, he manipulates people in their dreams and even controls their decision-making ability. Hitogami is a sinister antagonist who shapes the underlying mysteries of Mushoku Tensei.

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