Mushoku Tensei II: Will Julie play an important role in the series?

Julie Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei II has started moving into controversial territory, as Rudeus’ actions become more questionable with the latest episodes. Despite their contentious nature, the recent developments have led to an adorable addition to the characters of Mushoku Tensei with Julie.

No character in the series is spared tragedy, Julie being no exception to that. Her tragedy led her to Rudeus and Zanoba. Right now, her role extends to being their disciple and an assistant. Will she ever play an important role in the series?

Julie’s role in Mushoku Tensei II

Julie in Mushoku Tensei
Zanoba and Rudeus teach Julie magic | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

Rudeus decided to find someone who could assist Zanoba with making figurines. With Fitz’s suggestion, they went looking for a slave who could fit the role. This led to them finding Julie. The way we were introduced to Julie reflected severely on our human conscience. However, the way things have progressed somewhat contradicts that first impression. 

  • In Mushoku Tensei season 2 episode 7, the interaction between Zanoba, Rudeus, and Julie was nothing short of wholesome. 
  • Julie followed the two like a baby duckling. They treated her with respect and guided her with good intentions, which is surprising when it comes from Zanoba. 
  • Her presence in the story has put Zanoba and Rudeus in the position of guardians. 

Mushoku Tensei II: Will Julie play an essential role in the series?

Julie Mushoku Tensei
Julie gets her name in Mushoku Tensei II | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

As for the role she’ll play in the series, that can’t be answered without some minor spoilers from the web novel. In the present, Julie’s character only directly affects Rudeus and Zanoba. Things will continue to remain the same to an extent.

Julie will play an important role in the series when it comes to Zanoba. She’ll help us explore the better sides of him. On the grand scale of Mushoku Tensei, Julie will not be as important as some of the major characters. Rest assured there’s plenty of Julie at the Ranoa Magic Academy and beyond. 

Rudeus and Julie
Rudeus teaches Julie voiceless incantations | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

The way Rudeus didn’t flinch at the idea of slavery might have jump-started various discourses on the internet. But this nuanced development in the story tells us a lot about Rudeus’ perception of the world. He never planned to change anything, he just wanted to do his best at the second attempt he got at life.

Also spending a large amount of time in this world has made him realize the moral conscience of the world he’s a part of. He might not have been critical of slavery, but his treatment of Julie saved him from becoming irredeemable. This is not to justify his actions, it’s just an analysis of what this development might be an indication of. 


Mushoku Tensei II
Rudeus meets Julie for the first time | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

Isekai are never not problematic, from their depiction of women to the overpowered main characters and the inconsequential nature of the stories. While Mushoku Tensei has its fair share of flaws, the plotlines are explained and explored well. 

As for Julie, the nature of the story has always been cohesive. Nothing is introduced to be left off midway. The creator leads everything to a conclusion, whether satisfactory or not. So we can expect Julie to have a complete character arc. 


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