Dogsred Manga is the new sensation: Here’s where can you read it

Dogsred Manga

In the world of manga, getting axed has to be an end to what could have been, a great journey. Or maybe not. In 2012, as a result of commercial failure, Satoru Noda’s Supinamarada was canceled after a year-long run in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. The mangaka has returned with Dogsred Manga, a reboot of his axed manga. 

The manga made its debut in the same magazine in July this year. Since then,  it has caught the attention of numerous readers. Here’s everything you need to know about Dogsred and most importantly where to read it! 

Dogsred Manga: What is it about?

Dogsred Manga
Rou Ishikawa in the Figure Skating championship | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

After winning the All-Japan Junior Figure Skating championship with the highest score, Shirakawa Rou goes berserk as he throws a chair in the rink. As a result of his actions, he gets a ban from professional figure skating for his actions. Rou, who always dreamt of going to the Olympics with his mother has trampled his dream by not honoring the stage he was on. 

After this incident, he moves to his mother’s hometown where he gets exposed to the world of Ice Hockey and the Genma brothers. Shirakawa considers Ice Hockey a barbaric sport as opposed to Figure Skating which he’s a master of. Dogsred is a story of the crossover between the Figure Skater and the world of Ice Hockey. 

Where to read Dogsred Manga?

Dogsred Manga
Rou Shirakawa’s first meeting with the Genma Brothers | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

If the synopsis here piqued your interest, you’re in luck. Dogsred is available to read on the Viz Media Website, along with the Mangaplus app and website. The first and last three chapters are free to read whereas the other chapters can only be read once. The new chapters come out every Thursday at 12:00 am JST with occasional breaks. The chapter is simultaneously released on the Mangaplus app. With its easy availability, the manga will be able to reach a wider audience. 

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First Impressions of Dogsred Manga: Is it worth reading?

Rou Shirakawa
Rou in a conversation with younger Genma brother | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Satoru Noda has always been interested in hockey as a sport. His interest is reflected in every chapter as he tries to input information about the sport without making it sound overbearing. This has been apparent since the beginning. In the first two chapters, he effortlessly manages to explain the protective gear worn by ice hockey players.

As for the story, the pacing has been quite consistent so far with substantial progression. We’ve seen several characters and they are all different with a lot of potential to grow. The manga is a must-read for the fans of ice hockey and Satoru Noda. If you find yourself with even a speck of curiosity about Dogsred, you must check it out as it offers an above-average experience within the first few chapters alone. 


Rou Shirakawa
Rou Shirakawa displaying his ice-skating skills | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

To re-launch something you know has failed once requires a lot of trust in that particular work. Hopefully, Satoru Noda’s trust in Dogsred won’t be in vain and this time, the manga will reach its target audience. Replicating or maybe even surpassing the success of  the author’s most famous work Golden Kamuy. 

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