Is it possible to get a Kagurabachi anime this early on?

Kagurabachi anime where to watch

With every chapter, Kagurabachi elicits an emotion of awe by surpassing eminent titles like Jujutsu Kaisen. The manga currently stands at the second spot on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app, competing with One Piece for the first spot. Amidst this competition, there’s also a fair share of questions regarding Kagurabachi Anime. Not just questions but claims of confirmation, memes, and all things Kagurabachi. 

If you’re overwhelmed(or annoyed) by the discourse around Kagurabachi, no more worries for you. This article will provide clarifications about all the information regarding Kagurabachi anime and help you align your expectations regarding the same. 

Is it too early for a Kagurabachi anime?

Kagurabachi manga Chihiro
Chihiro using the enchanted blade | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

A simple answer to this question would be yes, it is indeed too early to get a Kagurabachi anime in the near future. Here are all the reasons why Kagurabachi anime will remain a dream for quite some time:

  • We only have 5 chapters of the manga at present. It’s not realistic to get a movie even, with the chapter count being that low. 
  • There have been cases(Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Black Butler) in the history of anime, where the anime adaptation of popular manga had to introduce original concepts. This happened due to the absence of new chapters as the manga was airing at the same time. 
Kagurabachi Manga chapter 5
Chihiro spots an enemy attack on a call with Shiba | Image Courtesy of Viz Media
  • If we get an anime in the near future, there will be no choice except for introducing filler content or terrible pacing. 

At its earliest, we can expect any leads regarding Kagurabachi anime by the end of 2024. By then the manga will have around 50 chapters. Enough to have a 12-episodes-long season. In that case, the wait leading up to a successive season will be excruciatingly long. 

Kagurabachi manga and a potential anime adaptation?

Kagurabachi manga
A glimpse from Kagurabachi Manga featuring Chihiro’s fight | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Starting from the first chapter itself, leaks and rumors regarding an anime adaptation have started surfacing on the internet. These rumors gathered traction on multiple platforms, primarily Twitter and Reddit.

We are extremely sorry to burst your bubble but there are no official confirmations regarding a Kagurabachi anime. But what we are not sorry for is the Spiel Anime Newsletter! It comes out twice every week with some food for thought and cool designs. 

When can we expect a Kagurabachi anime?

Kagurabachi anime
A Kagurabachi anime is nowhere in sight, for now, | Image Courtesy via IMDb

An important factor that needs to be considered while discussing a Kagurabachi anime is the popularity of the manga. The manga has gathered unbelievable traction but it needs to live up to that. If the manga fails to do that, it might even get canceled (or axed as the cultured would say it). We might get an announcement during 2024 if the manga continues to retain higher ranks on the charts. As for the anime the earliest we can expect an anime is 2025. 


Char Kagurabachi
Char, after being rescued by Shiba and Chihiro | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

To sum it up, for now, all the Kagurabachi content we have at hand is the manga. So let’s keep our queries such as where to watch Kagurabachi anime on hold. The latest developments in the manga are quite interesting complemented with the beautiful art style and action scenes. There are new characters as well. While the anime is still far-fetched, the manga is doing quite well in keeping the fans hooked. 

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