Is Quirkless Deku confirmed in My Hero Academia Chapter 421 Spoilers?

Deku sits on a chair with his hands on his knees with expressions of fear on his face in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 421 Spoilers bring us back to square one as we get confirmation from Deku that he might be quirkless again. On the brighter side, all the heroes from Class 1-A and the top heroes have arrived on the battlefield. With these developments, the chapter brings us closer to the end.

Let’s delve into full My Hero Academia spoilers and some speculations on the permanence of Deku’s quirk less status. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 421 Spoilers

Class 1-A comes to the rescue!

Deku and Aizawa look behind where Momo and other heroes emerge from a portal in My Hero Academia Chapter 421 spoilers
Heroes emerging from a portal | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

My Hero Academia Chapter 421 begins with Class 1-A arriving on the battlefield. Kirishima, Shoji, Ashido, Koda, Hagakure, Kaminari, Aoyama, Momo, Jiro, and Mineta emerge from portals.

Everyone cites their reasons for fighting after all that has happened and Mineta completes the dialogue with a  reassuring ‘We Are Here’ at the end.  

  • AFO comments on how he should’ve been destroyed as well as he was a part of Shigaraki. 
  • But when he heard Yoichi’s vestige shattering, he experienced immense pain. Deku’s attacks failed in comparison to what he experienced. 
  • He shares his realization that tragedies make people stronger. He activates multiple quirks and transforms his hand into something with a gun-like appearance. 
Endeavor in covered in flames in My Hero Academia
Endeavor | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Sero disagrees with what All for One said. He states how his life was devoid of any such tragedies like AFO, so he got stronger through training. But a certain friend of his had a tragic life and it only caused him difficulties. 

The friend he’s referring to is Shoto, who emerges from a portal with Endeavor. Seto says that tragedies shouldn’t exist. 

Final Mission for the Heroes

Heroes emerge from a portal in MHA and throw punch in the air in My Hero Academia Chapter 421 spoilers
Heroes arrive at the battlefield | Image Courtesy of VIZ media

Shoto and Endeavour attack All for One. Sero says that he has been thinking about all this stuff since he found that Shoto defeated Dabi.

Mic emerges from a portal and calls out to all the heroes, asking them to march forward as it’s their last big mission for the day. 

  • AFO says that even though he’s facing so many wounded heroes, he doesn’t feel any emotions which is quite sad. 
  • Other heroes including Thirteen and Gang Orca attack AFO but he’s too fast for them. 
  • Deku makes an attempt to go to them but falls to the ground. Aizawa tells him that he only restored his arms, the damage he incurred from fighting Shigaraki is still there. 
A young Deku kneels on the floor against Shigaraki who is facing the ground
Young Deku and Shigaraki | Image Courtesy of VIZ media
  • Deku tells Aizawa that he doesn’t have One For All, just some remaining embers. Aizawa hands over the All Might shirt which civilians asked him to pass over to Deku. 
  • He puts it on and Aoyama extends his hand asking him to run together. Deku remembers the time when he extended his hand to Aoyama. 

The civilians are looking at the battle at the shelter. Eri, Kota, and Gran Torino ask Deku to do his best. The chapter ends with Deku running towards AFO. 

Is Quirkless Deku Confirmed?

Deku asks allmight a question with his eyes shut and his face bowing downwards in MHA manga
Image Courtesy of VIZ Media

We have heard directly from Deku that he no longer has One For All. This should be enough of a confirmation, but it’s still hard to believe that Deku is back to square one. When All Might became unable to fight, it was heartbreaking. After all the years he served and the legendary fights, he still felt incompetent because he couldn’t fight anymore. 

If Deku is quirkless, a similar future awaits him. Even though quirkless Deku is the reality for now, this change might not be permanent. AFO has softened up, what if he transfers some quirk to Deku before he is defeated? Eri’s quirk might help up Deku, but even her quirk has a big question mark over it for now. 

Here’s what to expect from the upcoming chapters

Bakugou is sitting on the floor and Uraraka emerges out of thicksmoke behind him in My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

This chapter has brought us closer to the end of My Hero Academia, but there are some loose ends still. In the upcoming chapters, we can expect Bakugou and Uraraka’s comeback. They are yet to arrive on the field. Another thing to look forward to is the resolution to Deku and Eri’s quirks. It’ll be interesting to find out if Shigaraki is indeed gone forever. Stay tuned for more My Hero Academia-related updates! 

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