Has Shangri-La Episode 15 been delayed?

Has Shangri-La Episode 15 been delayed?

The journey through the Prismatic Forest took an unexpected turn recently, with a delay for Shangri-La episode 15 leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Having already traversed through some of the most well-sought-after questions of the Anime community, such as whether Shangri La Frontier is the next Sword Art Online, and how it represented LGBTQIA+ in the Anime world, we today venture into something more technical. How long must you wait til Episode 15?

Shangri-La Frontier has been gripping audiences with its unique blend of VRMMO adventure and comedic mishaps. With some even initially claiming it is everything Sword Art was not, which we feel to a good degree is an overstatement.

Has Shangri-La Episode 15 been delayed?


Yes, Shangri-La Episode 15 was indeed delayed. There is a delay for a week, and the episode will be ultimately released on January 21st instead of its regular schedule, that is, the 15th of January. Before you quick off, we have some recommendations as to where to watch Shangri-La Episode 15 down below.

However, episode 14.5 arrived as a surprise bonus chapter, bridging the gap between the intense cliffhanger of episode 14 and the highly anticipated showdown with the enigmatic Wezaemon. This special episode served as a welcome refresher, reminding viewers of the intricate plot threads and hilarious character dynamics at play.

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Sunraku’s quest to conquer the game takes him and his companions deeper into the forest, where they encounter the likes of the enigmatic Pencilgen and the mysterious Setsuna. Twists and turns abound, revealing secrets about Moonlight’s motives and the true nature of the Prismatic world. The stage is set for a monumental confrontation with Wezaemon, a battle promising explosive action and potentially game-changing revelations.

Where to Watch Shangri-La Episode 15?

Sunraku, Pencilgon, and Oikatzo from Shangri-La Frontier
A still from Shangri la Frontier anime (Image via C2C Studio)

To watch the currently airing anime series “Shangri-La Frontier” (2023), you have several options, depending on your location and preferred streaming platform.

Legal Streaming Platforms:

  • Crunchyroll: This is the official platform for international streaming of Shangri-La Frontier. You can watch the latest episodes with both subtitled and dubbed options, depending on your subscription tier.
  • Prime VideoShangri-La Frontier is also available on Prime video. You will need a subscription in order to watch it.


The brief hiatus has only fueled the excitement, allowing fans to theorize, speculate, and eagerly await Sunraku’s next move. So, dear adventurers, brace yourselves for the epic showdown that awaits.

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