My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Leaks: Is All For One finally defeated?

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Leaks: Is All For One finally defeated?

We are all eagerly waiting for what will happen next in My Hero Academia Chapter 409 since the volume 40 of the manga is about to end. In the last chapter we saw All For One showcasing his relentless pursuit of power by employing the Spatial Distortion Meta Ability. The initially one sided fight of All For One, the final boss, made us all anxious about his attacks on Dynamight during the last few chapters, but will this chapter will result in his his defeat? Let’s find out in these leaks.

Note: The following article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 409, read at your own risk.

AFO’s desperation and Bakugo’s resolve

Bakugo in My Hero Academia anime
Bakugo in My Hero Academia anime (Image via IMDb)

Chapter 408 concluded with All For One desperate to reach Tomura Shigaraki. However, Bakugo’s intervention threw a wrench in his plans. The chapter explored AFO’s past, revealing his memories of the second One For All user, Kudou. As AFO was pondering the connection between Kudou and Bakugo, he unleashed a massive attack fueled by all his accumulated Quirks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Leaks

Bakugo's childhood in My Hero Academia Chapter 409 leaks
Bakugo’s childhood in My Hero Academia Chapter 409 leaks (Image via @kaname_clan on X)

My Hero Academia Chapter leaks 409 have been finally dropped, and it appears from the looks that this chapter will deliver on every level. As we are witnessing the epic battle between All For One and Dynamight, we finally see the outcome of this saga in a satisfying way.

Bakugo’s origins

The chapter opens with a touching moment, showing Bakugou’s birth and early childhood. We see a tender scene with his parents, Mitsuki and Masaru, expressing their love and joy for their newborn son. This is followed by a montage of flashbacks which show the key moments in Bakugou’s life. These scenes highlight his growth and development. 

Dynamight’s clever strategy

Bakugo showing his massive quirk factor against AFO
Bakugo showing his massive quirk factor against AFO (Image via @FBgodhands on X)

Returning to the present, the battle between All For One and Dynamight reaches its climax. 

  • All For One unleashes his ultimate attack, “Omni-Factor Unleash: All For One Goal.” 
  • This attack as powerful as it sounds activates every single Quirk and Quirk Factor in his possession. 

However, Dynamight, with his trademark intelligence, has prepared a cunning counter-attack. 

He reveals that he secretly planted explosive sweat drops inside All For One‘s mouth during their previous encounter, waiting for the moment to detonate. All For One is thrown off guard with this unexpected move, causing him to fall to the ground.

Bakugou’s power and Vestige world 

Bakugo in My Hero Academia anime
Bakugo in My Hero Academia anime (Image via IMDb)

Bakugou, ever the confident hero, reveals his plan to All For One. He explains that he doesn’t need a multitude of Quirks like his opponent; his single Quirk, “Explosion,” is all he needs. Meanwhile, in the vestige world, the tide turns against All For One. His anger and desperation have caused him to lose control of the Quirks and vestiges he has accumulated.  He shrinks back to a child-like form, symbolizing his defeat against teamwork. Vestige of Hawks’s quirk takes this moment to taunt All for One to remind him that the reason for his downfall is his own choices.

Art style

What’s best about this chapter is we will finally get to see a double page spread featuring All Might, Mitsuki, Masaru, and Yoichi witnessing Bakugou’s victory (As per the leaks, this chapter will have 2 double spreads). Despite having a 7 page muda for Bakugo, this chapter is expected to blow up with the defeat of AFO. The art style will also surpass MHA’s all the previous chapters.


My Hero Academia Chapter 409 will finally put an end to the most anticipated battle of All For One against the Bakugou and friends. With Bakugou’s intelligence, courage, and determination, culminating we will get to see him achieve his well’deserved victory. With All For One defeated, the heroes can now look forward to a brighter future, but the fight for justice continues. The question remains, what challenges lie ahead, and who will rise to meet them?

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