Predictions for what is the One Piece, as the series nears its end

Predictions for what is the One Piece, as the series nears its end

With the release of each chapter of the manga’s final arc, we’re trickling closer and closer toward the end of One Piece. While it is said that the One Piece is the greatest treasure in existence encompassing everything that the world has to offer, no one exactly knows what it exactly is. So what is the One Piece? Let’s look at some interesting predictions.

What we know so far about the ending

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Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

At some point during the events of the void century, a man known as Joy Boy found the last island of the Grand Line and left a treasure of unimaginable value there. Inspired by this tale, Gol D. Roger set out to find this place. He finally succeeded in his endeavor and found the One Piece, and proceeded to name the final island, ‘Laugh Tale’.

The true nature of One Piece is still unclear. The treasure was described by Roger as ‘A tale full of laughs’, which inspired the name of the island. It has been implied many times throughout the series that One Piece could shake the entire world. According to Whitebeard, a grand battle will engulf the entire world when One Piece is found.

There are a few things to note when speculating about One Piece though.

  • It is most likely more than just ‘One’ treasure. The term One Piece was coined by the people of the world and not by Roger or Joyboy.
  • At the same time, One Piece can NOT be the history of the Void Century, because that is recorded in the Rio Poneglyphs.
  • The World Government has almost total control over the world, and with the recent chapters, we can see that they do not lack the strength to go to war or stop a rebellion.
  • Oda has already confirmed that One Piece is something physical. Based on Roger’s reaction, it also tells not the story or truth of the Void Century, but rather the personal story of Joyboy, which he calls a tale full of laughs.
  • Overall, the One Piece is something that’ll change the world, and tell the story of Joy Boy.

What is the One Piece?

How Oda symbolizes freedom via the battle of World Government and Pirate's desire for the One Piece
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

There are many theories, predictions, and speculations as to what the One Piece could be. Here are some of the most interesting predictions that align with the facts we know:

  • The One Piece is a tree: One recurrent theme surrounding the One Piece is about how ‘Soon’ it was found. Roger himself stated that his crew landed on the Laugh Tale way too early. This could mean that the tree was not fully grown yet. This particular tree’s fruits might have the results to negate or reverse the curse of the Devil Fruits and remove their abilities, which means it aligns with the theme of “Changing the entire world.” This also explains why Haki is considered far superior to Devil Fruits.
  • A Device to Reshape the World: If the One Piece was a device that could destroy the Red Line and reshape the world by joining all the islands into one huge continent, it would explain why the World government is afraid of it.
  • A Piece of Paper: If we were to take the title literally, the One Piece could be a single piece of a paper of paper from a book that alters reality, just by writing on it. It is possible that the World Government destroyed this book and One Piece is the last remaining page of that book.
  • Joy Boy’s Grave: Nothing about the death of Joy Boy is known so far. If One Piece is capable of telling Joy Boy’s story, it is possible that the Grave of Joy Boy is in Laugh Tale. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Grave itself is the One Piece but explains how Roger Could’ve learned about his ‘Funny’ tale.


To predict one of the greatest and longest-running mysteries in all of fiction is no simple ordeal. The Tale full of laughs mentioned by Roger also seems to reflect Luffy’s own journey and might even reflect Roger’s journey as we know that both crews enjoy and had a lot of great moments sailing through the Grand Line.

However, all of these are speculations as of now and only Oda has the answer to our questions.

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