Top 5 One Piece Islands that have been mentioned but never explored

Top 5 One Piece Islands that have been mentioned but never explored

One of the most prominent and strikingly observable features of the One Piece world is its Islands. The Four Seas are home to the quainter, simplistic islands whereas the Grand Line boasts some of the most bizarre and quirky Islands with enigmatic phenomena. Here are the Top 5 One Piece Islands that have been mentioned but never explored.

Top 5 One Piece Islands that have been mentioned but never explored

5. Raijin Island

Raijin Island is a huge deal when it comes to navigating the Grand Line. One of the important milestones in the One Piece world is crossing Fishman Island to reach the second half of the Grand Line, called New World.

Raijin Island is one of the three islands that a pirate could choose to visit after entering the New World. Unfortunately, fans never got to see this Island since a White Storm forced the Straw Hats to anchor at Punk Hazard.

4. Lodestar Island

Top 5 One Piece Islands that have been mentioned but never explored
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Lodestar Island is one of the most important Islands in One Piece from a lore standpoint. It is the penultimate island of the Grand Line and the last Island that is accessible by following the Log Pose. All the different paths at the beginning of the Grand Line inadvertently convene at this point. In terms of difficulty, reaching Lodestar is second only to reaching Laugh Tale.

3. Elbaf

If there was one Island that has been anticipated since the early days of One Piece, it has to be Elbaf. Even before all these legendary Pirate Crews and mythical Islands were unveiled, Elbaf was name-dropped in the pre-time skip arcs.

As the home of the giants and a place of great significance to the one and only God Usopp’s character development, this island will definitely play a huge role in the story moving forward.

2. God Valley

Shanks meeting with Whitebeard When Shanks met Whitebeard, he said "When I look at your face, the scars I got from that man aches." This is highly possible that Whitebeard got the scars from Figarland Garling, considering his exploits with Rocks D. Xebec in Gods Valley. This might also indicate a possible connection between Shanks and the Figarland family. 
One Piece Shanks | Image courtesy of Toei Animation

Just like Lodestar, God Valley is also extremely vital when it comes to analyzing the lore of One Piece. Not because of its connection to the Void Century, but rather due to it being the primary link between many of the most dangerous and powerful Crews of the current era.

It was also the site where Garp and Roger teamed up to defeat Rocks D. Xebec, which itself leaves much room for explanations.

1. Laugh Tale

Finally, we have the cream of the crop, the ultimate destination of every Pirate. The resting place of the great treasure One Piece. The entire series hangs on this Island’s constituents. This Island is hyped up to be the one place where everything will be revealed.

From the secrets of the Void Century to Joy Boy’s story, fans are always in anticipation as to what could be found there. And there is always the trillion dollar question, What is the One Piece? Only Laugh Tale has the answer to that.


The rich and vibrant world created by Oda hardly ever ceases to amaze fans.

With every single new island the Straw Hats explore, something new, something exceptional gets added to the series and the overall lore. In line with that, the manga has been going full force, currently exploring two more wonderful places, namely Egghead and Mary Geoise.

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