One Piece: What’s in Laugh Tale?

One Piece What’s in Laugh Tale

The Last Island in the Grand Line is what the entire series has been moving towards since its inception. We know that the legendary Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s final destination in his journey towards becoming the Pirate King was this Island, which he named “Laugh Tale”. As the series draws closer to its end, let’s try to speculate exactly What’s in Laugh Tale.

What’s in Laugh Tale?

Predictions for what is the One Piece, as the series nears its end
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Laugh Tale, alongside the titular One Piece, is perhaps the most important and anticipated mystery in the entire series. However, little is known about both of them. The only people who’ve ever been on Laugh Tale from the known era were the members of the Roger Pirates, many of whom are scattered across the world or dead.

So far these are the things we know about what’s in Laugh Tale:

  • One needs to have all four Road Poneglyphs to reach Laugh Tale. It is said to be an Island at the ‘End’ of the Grand Line, however, isn’t known if the ‘end’ is metaphorical or physical.
  • Laugh Tale holds the treasure left behind by an individual known as Joy Boy and also found the story of Joy Boy there. He describes it as a tale filled with Laughs, hence the name of the Island.
  •  Roger left his own treasure in Laugh Tale as well, meaning Roger’s own treasure and everything that Joy Boy left, together could be considered as ‘One Piece’.
  • For some reason, Roger said they were too early to find Laugh Tale. This implies that the current generation is the right time for the Laugh Tale to be found.
  • Whatever the Treasure in Laugh Tale might be, it is capable of changing the entire world. According to Whitebeard, the discovery of One Piece could lead to a large-scale war that will engulf the world.

Ecology, Geography, and Characteristics

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Whitebeard and Oden | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Even with all its secrets and mysteries, there is one thing we could (almost) be sure of about Laugh Tale. It is an Island. And Islands in One Piece usually come with their own set of quirks and characteristics. The Grand Line is no stranger to bizarre phenomena. From lighting rains to rising sea currents, we’ve seen all kinds of craziness throughout the course of the series.

Given all that, it is very possible that Laugh Tale comes with its own set of Oddities, both within and outside the Island. In the flashback we got during the Wano arc, everything around the Roger Pirates was blurred and we couldn’t see anything about the island itself.

Some of the things we could expect in Laugh Tale are:

  • All Blue: All Blue is said to be the place where the fauna from all four seas is available. Given the secret nature of the Laugh Tale, it is possible that Laugh Tale itself is located in All Blue.
  • Unique Race: From Giants to Fishmen, the world of One Piece is no stranger to weird races. It is possible that we could meet an entirely new race of people on Laugh Tale if it is inhabited.
  • Ancient Technology: Vegapunk commented how his island was not a “Future” Island but rather an Island of the Past, implying that the people from the past, and before the Void Century could’ve been much more technologically advanced than the current era. The remnants of that technology might be on Laugh Tale.


One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Akagami no Shanks | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The amount of mystery shrouding the Laugh Tale is thicker than the Caesar Clown’s gas and the Florian Tringle’s mist. Since Oda loves to leave us with more questions than answers every time he reveals a new mystery, it would be quite a while before we get to find out what actually is in Laugh Tale.


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