One Piece Chapter 1092 spoiler predictions: Will Luffy beat Kizaru?

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The latest chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1091, has generated a lot of excitement within the fan community due to its thrilling developments and has created yet another hype week in anticipation of the release of Chapter 1092. The previous chapter 1091 concluded with an intriguing cliffhanger, setting the stage for an epic showdown between Luffy and the fan-favorite Admiral Kizaru. Though the main highlight of 1092 is going to be this battle, that’s not all it has in store for us.

Luffy vs Kizaru

Let’s first discuss the primary attraction for Chapter 1092, which is the highly anticipated duel against the Light Admiral Kizaru. From what the several leaks have assured us, we can confirm that this fight will relatively be equal when it comes between Non-Gear 5th Luffy and Kizaru.

Luffy engages Kizaru
Image Courtesy: Viz Media

Taking that into account, we can theorize that Luffy’s Gear 5th is the trump card that he needs to break this equalizer between him and Kizaru. But the caveat is that while both may seem at par with each other at the moment, we are still not aware of the Kizaru’s full strength because he has never applied it to any of his fights. While it’s true that the abilities of Gear 5th assure Luffy’s victory in multiple scenarios, Kizaru is the literal wild card of the Marines due to the sheer potential of his devil fruit.

Kuma vs Akainu

One leak suggests that we are finally going to get updated on Kuma’s rampage across Marijoa. While his reasons for the rampage are unknown and are also a point of intrigue, the most anticipated part about this leak is the return of Akainu in battle after many chapters of him just sitting idle post-Marford

Akainu vs Shanks
Image Courtesy: Toei Animation

While many readers are already sure of the outcome when it comes to a fight between Akainu and Kuma, it is exciting nonetheless to finally witness such a major entity in the Marines, take the helm of combat once again, and it will also be a worthy send off to the tragic character of Kuma in case Oda finally decides to give him his peace.

The Iron Giant’s Heart grew Three Sizes

The most exciting leak about 1092 in our opinion, happens to be the sudden revival of the Iron Giant under Egg-Head Island. This can turn out to be a historically expansive moment for the lore of One-Piece and the elusive Void Century, because of the direct ties that the leaks have eluded to between the Iron Giant and Luffy’s Gear 5th.

The iron giant in under egghead island
Image Courtesy: Viz Media

The ties we are eluding to are Luffy’s heartbeats in Gear 5th, or as they are popularly called “The drums of Liberation” which turn out to be the very reason the Iron Giant is suddenly going to rise from its slumber, which is important to note because of the historical ties that the Hito Hito no Mi fruit has to Joyboy and the Void Century. Maybe we can finally understand the reason behind the prophecy of Joyboy’s return and maybe get direct confirmation of Luffy as his reincarnation.


The possibilities for what Chapter 1092 of One Piece has in store for us are endless when it comes to the anticipated matchups that it has to deliver and the expansion of lore it’s going to set up for the upcoming chapters. 1092 may as well turn out to be the single most important One Piece chapter when it comes to pure setup for the future narrative, and the One Piece fandom could not be any more excited.

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