One Piece 1109 Spoilers Predictions: Will Vegapunk die? also Release Date + Where to Read


Last week’s One Piece manga update left fans reeling as Vegapunk found himself staring death in the face. But even as he lay on the verge of death, Vegapunk activated a video broadcast to share undisclosed truths with the world – potentially as a final act of defiance against the forces holding him captive.

It looks like Vegapunk has accepted the idea of death, leading fans to wonder whether Oda actually intends to kill him off. The timing of Vegapunk’s broadcast suggests he believes these to be his final words. However, given his immense scientific knowledge and the lingering secrets surrounding his research, is death truly the end of Vegapunk’s role in One Piece? And if he does die, what happens to his satellites?

It’s also hard to ignore the elephant in the room— the announcement. Is Vegapunk about to expose the Void Centuary’s secrets?

OP 1109 Predictions: Why Vegapunk’s death isn’t as easy as it seems

Vegapunk and his satellites in One Piece 1109
Vegapunk’s Satellites | Image Courtesy of Shounen Jump

Fans might remember that back at the beginning of Egghead, Vegapunk’s satellite Shaka grimly told Luffy that the scientist doesn’t “have long left” to live. But given Oda’s reputation for clever red herrings and plot twists, we doubt he intends for Vegapunk to perish after a single arc.

  • Consider how Oda has carefully cultivated the hype around Vegapunk for decades now – to eliminate him so hastily would feel almost disrespectful. From a storytelling perspective, Vegapunk also still has too much value left for this to serve as a final exit.
  • Even if Vegapunk meets his end this arc, his immense scientific intellect and world-altering ambitions will persist through one of his many satellites. Top candidates include Lilith, Edison and— in desperate scenarios— even York. With Vegapunk’s consciousness digitized and preserved, his satellite companion could accompany the Straw Hats beyond Egghead, essentially becoming “Vegapunk 2.0.”

This scenario elegantly resolves the narrative tension over Vegapunk’s fate. On one hand, it delivers the emotional punch of seeing a legendary figure fall. Yet it still allows Vegapunk’s presence in the story to continue mostly uninterrupted. So either the scientist survives via his satellites, or he surprises us by coming back to life like Pell did in Alabasta years ago.

Vegapunk will expose the World Government in One Piece Chapter 1109

One Piece 1109 spoilers predictions on Vegapunk’s announcement and the world government
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

While the broadcast could be about anything, given the context of Vegapunk’s imprisonment and now likely death at the hands of the World Government, his video message seems tailored to expose their dark secrets and atrocities.

Many theorize that Vegapunk will utilize his technological brilliance one last time to wirelessly transmit the contents of his Punk Records research to the global airwaves, essentially “sharing his brain with the world” like he always wanted to.

  • We know for a fact that he had been researching the Void History before Luffy got on Egghead, so Vega could easily expose the centuries’ worth of history that Imu has worked so hard to erase.
  • More specifically, some fans believe Vegapunk will disclose information regarding the Void Century that directly connects to central mysteries like the Will of D, the Ancient Weapons or even details on Nika the Sun God. Whatever the exact contents, this broadcast seems fated to upend the stability of the world.

Looks like Vegapunk will be giving both Roger and Whitebeard a run for the title of the most “epic last words” in One Piece.

One Piece 1109 Release Date and Where to Read

  • One Piece Chapter 1109 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, March 4th, 2024 at 12 AM Japan Standard Time.

International audiences can expect the chapter to launch simultaneously across digital platforms thanks to simulpub arrangements. So whether you read the latest chapters through Viz Media, MangaPlus or other official providers, you’ll be able to join the discussion right away.

Specifically, One Piece 1109 will be released at the following times for fans across different time zones trying to avoid spoilers:

  • Pacific Daylight Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 08:00
  • Central Daylight Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 10:00
  • Eastern Daylight Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 11:00
  • British Summer Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 16:00
  • Central European Summer Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 17:00
  • Indian Standard Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 20:30
  • Philippine Time Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 23:00
  • Japan Standard Time Monday, March 4th, 2024 at 00:00
  • Australian Central Standard Time Monday, March 4th, 2024 at 00:30

If you’re looking forward to the spoilers, they should start releasing in the next 3-4 days. Make sure to check back, because we’ll be covering them as soon as they are out.


OP 1109 spoilers
Vivi and Rebecca in One Piece| Image Courtesy of Toei Animations

While OP Chapter 1109 seems to foreshadow Vegapunk’s death, there are still far too many unfinished plot threads and unresolved secrets swirling around the scientist for his story to end here. Everything points to Vegapunk dramatically evading death, even if only by preserving his intellect in a digitized satellite form.

One way or another, his broadcast promises game-changing revelations that could irrevocably turn the tide against the World Government.

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