Top 5 Manga on Amazon Kindle

Top 5 Manga on Amazon Kindle

All over the community, there is a craze for collecting Manga, and in this digital world, this obsession has been made a bit more easy. Fans all over the world can now collect their favorite Manga online in a digital format, without having the hassle to maintain and keep them. Yes I know, physical copies are the best, however, modern problems require modern solutions. Not everyone can maintain them. Hence, I bring to you the Top 5 Manga on Amazon Kindle E-reader.

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Top 5 Manga on Amazon Kindle

5. I will train you Vol. 1

Midori Nishikawa, an ordinary girl who leads an ordinary life without any purpose, starts to work at a historic hot spring hotel that her aunt owns. She meets Mr. Oishi, a very good-looking man, who yells at her not to use the front gate. It turns out he’s going to be her trainer. He trains Midori day and night. She can’t disobey his orders…

The official description above is very confusing, but considering it has ranked #7 on Amazon Kindle Manga sales, it is bound to make your heart flutter. The synopsis is spicy and the art looks promising, the manga seems worth a try.

4. Initial D Vol. 1

Initial D Volume 1
Initial D Volume 1 | Courtesy of Shigeno Shuuichi

The Akina Pass is haunted by the Ghost of Akina that holds the record for the fastest time to descend it. No one has ever come close to surpassing the record set by the White Toyota AE86. Cue Fujiwara Takumi who does not like cars but happened to get involved in a race at Akina. The race awakened him to the world of street racing whose ecstasy filled thrill got him hooked to cars. As he ventures into the world of street racing, what lies ahead of him are tougher competitors.

This Initial D manga is a classic in the community. It is quite a shock that it has only been able to rank at #5 in Amazon Kindle Manga sales.

3. My Boss’s Kitten Vol. 1

My Boss's Kitten Volume 1
My Boss’s Kitten Volume 1 | Courtesy of Hisawa Yumi

Aya was deserted right before her marriage and was left without a place to live. One day, she finds herself wandering back into the house she was supposed to own after her wedding. To her surprise, the cold-blooded boss she hates from work had moved in as the new owner! A dangerous love ignites under one roof between the girl who lost love and her sadistic boss!

The official description hints at a very spicy romance between the heartbroken girl and the eccentric boss. What lies in their future has surely impressed the audience as it ranks #4 in Amazon Kindle Manga sales.

2. Fairy Tail Vol. 1

Fairy Tail Volume 1
Fairy Tail Volume 1 | Courtesy of Mashima Hiro

Fairy Tail is the story of Natsu, Happy, and Lucy, along with their guild Fairy Tail, as they set on their adventures exploring the world and extending their friendships. They manage to save the world countless times, and all these moments are surely to have your heart skip your beat. If you wanted a mascot for the Power of Friendship, this show is your number one contender.

The manga has amassed a huge popularity in the community and has been able to secure the #2 spot in Amazon Kindle Manga sales.

1. Attack on Titan Vol. 1

Attack on Titan Volume 1
Attack on Titan Volume 1 | Courtesy of Isayama Hajime

Attack on Titan is the story of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin after one fateful day their lives changed with the destruction of their town at the hands of the Colossal Titan. Their world is governed by the existence of Titans all around them, their only safe measure against them is to live within the Three Walls kept in place by their predecessors. Dreaming to one day go out of these walls, Eren and his friends enlist in the Survey Corps to find an answer.

The manga is one of the most popular in the community and it is no surprise that it has secured the #1 spot in Amazon Kindle Manga sales.


The rankings keep changing as there is a purchase every second. The positions of the manga listed above might change, however, these 5 manga have been dominating the rankings for some time now.

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