Attack on Titan manga receives an additional Volume – What is Isayama cooking?

Attack on Titan manga

After the release date announcements of Attack on Titan Final Season, we have another announcement from Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan manga will be getting an additional volume which will come out in 2024. The volume will be titled Attack on Titan Volume 35.

With this extra volume, what is the mangaka planning to do? Will it be canon? Are we getting a different ending? Too many questions. Don’t worry, as we’ll dive right into all of that along with the release date of Attack on Titan Volume 35. 

Attack on Titan Volume 35 Explained + Release Date


The last time we checked, the manga still had 34 volumes and it had supposedly ended. But guess what, an 18-page manga will be released in 2024. This will be a new manga and it has been titled ‘Attack on Titan Volume 35’. It’s fair to assume we’ll get some fresh Attack on Titan content in the upcoming year. There has been no information as to what will be covered in the 18 pages. Although the release date has been finalized. 

The additional volume will come out on April 30th, 2024. On the same day, the illustrated art book of the series is also scheduled to be released. The art book will feature various illustrations featuring the characters, both colored and non-colored. 

What is Isayama planning to do with another volume of the Attack on Titan manga?

Eren and Girisha
Eren and Girisha Yeager from Attack on Titan anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Attack on Titan is cursed by its ending, no matter how far off we go, we always come back to it.

  • The safest assumption as to what the new content might be about is the ending. Hajime Isayama has publicly apologized for the ending of Attack on Titan. The manga ended in 2021, it has been more than two years since then. There’s a high possibility that the author has a better insight into how the ending could have been explained better. With the art book release in sight, it was probably the best time for an addition to the storyline. 
  • As the artbook release is approaching, additional content is a good way to bring back the manga in focus once the anime ends and bring in profits for one last time before Attack on Titan finally ends

There’s also a slight possibility that Hajime Isayama calls back on something that happened previously in the manga. In the absence of any official confirmation, this is as far as we could get based on the available information. 


Hange from Attack on Titan anime
A still from Attack on Titan featuring Hange | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Imagine if the upcoming volume gets another special anime based on it. It shouldn’t be possible with just 18 pages but it’s Attack on Titan so we never know. The Attack on Titan anime curse has been transmitted to its manga, similar to how the anime has been releasing its final part for years, we have the Attack on Titan manga following in the footsteps.

On a more serious note, even if it’s just an attempt to bring in profits, Attack on Titan holds an indisputable position in the anime world. No matter how much the ending or the anime release schedule is looked down upon, a new announcement from the creator is more than enough to stir the pot of curiosity

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