Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4 gets a new trailer: Release Date + Expectations

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4 by Pony Canyon

One of the most famous franchises in the anime community, Attack on Titan, has had a long run. With a sequel after so many years, it seems that the franchise does not want to leave us yet. Today, the community has received the trailer for Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4. What does this final part, hopefully, have in store for us? Let’s find out.


Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4 – Release Dates

The anime will air at midnight on the 5th of November JST on the NHK General Channel. It will air across the world on the following dates and times:

Timezone Release Schedule
Pacific Daylight Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 08:00:00
Central Daylight Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 10:00:00
Eastern Daylight Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 11:00:00
British Summer Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 16:00:00
Central European Summer Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 17:00:00
Indian Standard Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 20:30:00
Philippine Time Saturday, November 04 2023 at 23:00:00
Australian Central Standard Time Sunday, November 05 2023 at 00:30:00
The Armored Titan
The Armored Titan | Courtesy of Pony Canyon

It will also stream on Leminod Anime StoreNetflixTELASAU-NEXTAmazon PrimeDMM TV, and ABEMA services in Japan. It will be 85 minutes long and is expected to conclude the series.

Trailer Breakdown

The Jaw Titan
The Jaw Titan | Courtesy of Pony Canyon

The trailer shows multiple scenes of fights on the giant titan form of Eren, which indicates that the final part of the story is guaranteed to be animated. Team Save Humanity will fight off against the Titans which will take on appearances of the previous Titans that they had to face. All of this on Eren’s back, a whole new way of getting backstrokes. Ahem, back to the point.

Levi in Action
Levi | Courtesy of Pony Canyon

We will get to see our favorite characters, Levi, Mikasa, and Armin, have their final showdown against the Titans. Falco will also make his appearance with his new-found titan powers. Although we did not see Gabi in the trailer, Gabi will make her appearance with Falco. This duo will be a tremendous aid against Eren. Our former villains, Reiner and Annie, will also be fighting against Eren’s summons.

Ymir has also made an appearance in the trailer, signifying that this is truly the end of the story.

Ymir Fritz
Ymir Fritz | Courtesy of Pony Canyon


There are a lot of expectations for this upcoming movie. Mostly fans want it to be the last installment of the franchise and for the story to not be stretched any further. There are also hopes that the ending will be changed, considering the negative reception the manga ending received. The fans want an ending that does not make everything that has happened to this point meaningless. Spoilers ahead.

Mikasa | Courtesy of Pony Canyon

To have Eren die on Mikasa because she asked him to stop, is umm simply cliche? We all can agree that Eren’s motivation to protect his friends was stronger than that. Also, everyone expects the cast to be there together at the end, including Eren. However, not only does the original ending kill off Eren, but it also inherently changes how we see the other characters.

Reiner was heavily depressed and traumatized by his actions, to the point that he wanted to kill himself. After the war, he simply turned into a happy-go-lucky guy who fusses over Historia like a pervert. That is not how things turn out to be. The actions that he was a part of have been ingrained so deep in his mind that it is nigh impossible to forget them. A man of such vigor and depth will not turn into a fool who lives off sensual motivation.

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager | Courtesy of Pony Canyon


All in all, the upcoming movie is a highly anticipated release by fans. This will make or break the entire franchise, and hopefully will be executed properly. Fans hope that the ending changes and the characters receive the just treatment they deserve.

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