Yuta’s Domain Expansion Explained

Yuta's Domain Expansion Explained

After nearly 250 chapters of build up, Jujutsu Kaisen finally revealed Yuta Okkotsu’s mysterious Domain Expansion in JJK Chapter 249. Yuta first unleashed his Domain two years ago in chapter 179, but mangaka Gege Akutami kept the specifics of his technique hidden until now. According to the latest spoilers, Yuta opens his Domain Expansion, “True and Mutual Love,” when he confronts Sukuna again.

Though the full extent of Yuta’s Domain remains unclear, the latest revelations have given us critical insight into how his sure-hit attack works. Like Gojo’s Limitless technique, Yuta’s Domain reflects his immense cursed energy reserves and skill.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the matter and have Yuta’s Domain Expansion explained to the bone. Buckle up and let’s get started.

What does Yuta’s Domain do? Yuta’s DE Explained:

Yuta Domain Expansion Explained
Yuta [Image via MAPPA Studios]
Yuta’s Domain Expansion complements his innate Cursed Technique, “Copy,” which allows him to replicate any other cursed technique. True to its name, Copy lets Yuta copy even exclusive cursed techniques limited to certain sorcerer families. For example, he previously copied Toge Inumaki’s Cursed Speech as well as Gojo’s Hallow Purple.

  • Yuta’s Domain Expansion takes Copy to the next level by removing all restrictions, allowing him to use an unlimited barrage of techniques. Inside his Domain, Yuta can copy and wield any cursed technique instantaneously. This makes his Domain one of the most versatile and powerful in the series.
  • Importantly, Yuta’s copying through his Domain Expansion is not limited to techniques used within the Domain itself. Thanks to his existing Copy power, Yuta can replicate any cursed technique he has encountered before at any point.

It remains unclear if True and Mutual Love allows Yuta to instantly copy techniques he has never seen. He may still need prior exposure. However, his Domain likely removes the time and effort needed to learn and master techniques once copied.

This raises interesting possibilities – could Yuta potentially copy Sukuna himself within the Domain? Though pure speculation, copying the King of Curses could grant Yuta access to all of Sukuna’s techniques and experience.

Yuta’s Domain Potential 

Yuta DE downsides
Yuta [Image via MAPPA Studio)
Yuta’s Domain raises interesting possibilities – could Yuta potentially copy Sukuna himself within the Domain? Though pure speculation, copying the King of Curses could grant Yuta access to all of Sukuna’s techniques and experience

  • With so many unknowns, the extent of what Yuta can copy inside True and Mutual Love is still up for debate. Can he replicate Limitless? Dismantle and Cleave?

Only time will tell, but the implications are staggering if his Domain grants unlimited copying potential. Yuta’s mastery of Copy inside his sure-hit domain could position him as the series’ most versatile and lethal sorcerer.

  • Unlike Gojo’s Limitless or Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, Yuta’s Domain has no demonstrated weaknesses so far. It allows him to overwhelm opponents with a nonstop onslaught of varied techniques. Trapped within True and Mutual Love, even Sukuna could only defend himself against Yuta’s endless copied techniques.

The full extent of Yuta’s Domain remains unclear. However, it likely amplifies his massive cursed energy reserves and skill as modern sorcery’s strongest student. By weaponizing his Copy ability, Yuta can replicate and combine techniques in new ways to counter any situation. His Domain’s potential seems limitless. For now, it looks like neither Sukuna nor any other sorcerer has what it takes to counter Yuta’s ultimate technique.


Yuta Okkotsu’s Domain Expansion marks a major power upgrade for Jujutsu Kaisen’s protagonists against Sukuna. By unleashing the full potential of his Copy technique, Yuta can now overwhelm nearly any opponent with a limitless arsenal of cursed techniques. There are still many unknowns about the extent of True and Mutual Love, but it cements Yuta as one of the series’ most lethal sorcerers.

While we eagerly await next week’s chapter, this revelation provides critical insight into Yuta’s abilities. His Domain perfectly complements his skillset and energy reserves. It also raises interesting questions about copying other powerful techniques. As the culling game rages on, Yuta may prove to be the trump card needed to defeat Kenjaku and Sukuna.

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