Attack on Titan Final Part release date announced: Is it really ending this time?

Eren Yeager Attack on Titan Final Part

Attack on Titan has played a paramount role in making anime mainstream. The gradual progression from a simple story of humans vs. titans to a complex tale that tackles the concept of humanity and politics, Attack on Titan emerged as an anime that could be enjoyed by anyone.

The anime has garnered attention and love across the globe. This is also the reason why the announcement of the Attack on Titan Final Part release date kickstarts multiple discourses on the internet. 

Attack on Titan Final Part release date announcement 


The final part of Attack on Titan is set to be released on November 4th, 2023. This announcement was accompanied by a trailer. Similar to the episode which aired earlier this year, the final part is expected to have an extended length. As soon as the trailer was dropped, fans were looking for any hints about an anime original ending in it. However, with the history of how many final seasons we’ve had so far, will we get the ending in the upcoming season?

Attack on Titan: Is it ending this time?

Hange and Levi
A still from Attack on Titan The Final Chapters | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

Ever since the Attack on Titan anime switched studios and got handed over to MAPPA, the schedule has become quite erratic. The final part of the season was further divided into 4 parts each of which was labeled as the finale. 

  • The fourth season of AOT first aired in December 2020. 
  • With a follow-up in 2022. 
  • The rest of season 4 has been divided into two special episodes, one of them aired earlier this year in March. The next part is scheduled to be released on November 5th. 
Armin and Jean from Attack on Titan
Jean Kristein and Armin Arlert from left to right | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

This division turned the anime of Attack on Titan into a meme. It also ruined the momentum, hurting the hype that surrounded the finale of Attack on Titan. Fans were teased with a final season multiple times. However, the upcoming part seems like the actual finale when the anime will end. 

With a little over 5 chapters left to adapt, the Attack on Titan anime will come to an end in November this year. Despite the questionable release schedule, MAPPA did a phenomenal job in animating the Hange scene in the special episode along with the fighting scenes. 

Will anime only’s like the ending of Attack on Titan?

Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa and Annie in Attack on Titan | Image Courtesy of Studio MAPPA

Fans who haven’t read the manga yet, might or might not like the ending depending on the way the anime handles it. Anime has the advantage of spelling things out better as compared to manga. This can easily be fixed by explaining the intent behind the actions of the characters. With that, a lot of problems with the execution can easily be solved. 

The negative reputation the ending has gotten might end up working in its favor. When something like Gear 5 is hyped to an immeasurable extent, it brings disappointment to the viewers when it’s not the best thing they’ve set their eyes upon. Contrarily fans have negative expectations with the ending of AOT. They might end up being pleasantly surprised when it’s not the worst thing ever. 


Levi Ackerman
Captain Levi Ackerman | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

Despite all the bumps with the Studio switch and the commotion around the ending, watching Attack on Titan has been a great experience for most of us. With interesting characters and extensive world-building, Hajime Isayama created an impactful story. No matter how rocky the journey has been, the anime finally ending after a successful run will be an emotional event for many of us. 

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