Black Clover: What to expect in the movie?

Black Clover What to expect in the movie

The long-anticipated Black Clover movie, Sword of the Wizard King, is just around the corner. While waiting for its release, many fans have been speculating about the movie’s premise, placement in the timeline, and other theories.

One profound question among the community is, What to expect in the movie? Let’s figure that out.

Plot and Premise

From the trailers so far, the plot seems to revolve around the revival of the former Wizard King, Conrad Leto. It might also be possible that more than one of the former Wizard Kings would be reviving.

However, the central antagonist seems to be Leto, and we can see glimpses of a mysterious sword, which is probably the one mentioned in the title.

  • Leto seems to be dissatisfied with the current state of the Clover Kingdom and might be trying to bring about a change or a revolution through means unacceptable by the current Wizard King Julius and the rest of the Kingdom. 
  • The plot might also revolve around that mysterious sword, which could be a magical artifact or even a tool that was used to seal some magical entity away, perhaps Leto himself.
  • While this might be pure speculation at this point, it is a plausible explanation for Leto’s disappointment towards the Kingdom.

Characters Involved

  • The trailer showcases the core protagonists, Asta and Yuno, alongside the rest of the Black Bulls.
  • The trailer also showcases shots of Julius in his adult form and shots where he’s wearing his old Grey Deer squad cloak.
  • Leto seems to be addressing Julius in a familiar manner, which might indicate a connection between them.
  • There could also be an overarching antagonist who is yet to be revealed, as there must be someone who is responsible for the revival unless Leto was skilled enough to pre-plan his own revival, which could prove to be an interesting twist of fate, pushing the boundaries of magic known so far.
  • Other former Wizard Kings might also make an appearance if such an antagonist was involved.

Timeline of the Movie

The characters in the trailer are in their post-time skip designs. But given the prevalence of an Adult Julius, we might also be expecting some flashback scenes. In terms of placement, the story seems to take place after the time skip, evidenced by the designs and abilities used by the characters.

The movie is considered a separate entity detached from the events of the Manga and isn’t supposed to alter the course of the main story. According to the creator, this movie would be a work that would make the fans question why this wasn’t a part of the actual manga. However, as of now, this movie stands to be a non-canon addition to the series.


Overall the trailers have been very promising, and fans are eager to watch the first Black Clover anime content since the show went on a hiatus. A lot of unknown mysteries are yet to be unveiled, for example, Yami’s imprisonment shown in the trailer, the origin of the mysterious sword, and the secret behind the revival.

The Black Clover movie is set to release on 16 June 2023. There won’t be a theatrical release internationally, instead, the movie will be out on Netflix.


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