Black Clover: Will Mereoleona Vermillion’s Hellfire Incarnate Flames last long enough to defeat her opponent?

mereoleona vermillion's hellfire incarnate

Black Clover has recently unleashed a horde of cliffhangers on its fans. While on the one hand, we have Mereoleona Vermillion’s Hellfire Incarnate as her ultimate move, on the other hand, we have an eagerly waiting fanbase who are awaiting the release of the next manga chapter. The eagerness and anticipation have a lot to do with the uncertainty of Mereoleona Vermillion’s survival and victory against her opponent Paladin Morris.

Black Clover is set to release its new movie and the manga by Yuki Tabata is still ongoing. While there are cliffhangers on both ends for anime and manga fans, the recent manga chapter has left the world of Black Clover’s fanbase in a state of chaotic frenzy and shock.

In this article, we will look at Mereoleona Vermillion’s history and her character as an interrogation of her role in the storyline. Moreover, we will primarily and conclusively focus on the battle in the latest manga chapter and try to deduce any further conclusions based on the ongoing sets of narratives.

Black Clover: Mereoleona Vermillion: The royal who rejects royalty and breaks the gender stereotypes

Mereoleona Vermillion is portrayed as a woman who rejects her royalty at a very young age. She has always been the ‘wild’ member of a royal household. Upon receiving her Grimoire, she leaves her household as a day prior to that she has a fight with her brother as she disparages the Magic Knights. This results in a battle that sets ablaze half of the Vermillion estate and famously came to be known as the ‘Hot-Blooded Tuesday’.

mereoleona vermillion's hellfire incarnate
Mereoleona Vermillion, the wild royalty. (Image courtesy DLE studios)

Mereoleona Vermillion in Black Clover is a woman who becomes the medium of subverting gender roles in a society that is strictly limited to its hierarchical structure. She is often feared and seen as a ‘masculine’ woman among members of her household and other Magic Knights. This becomes an extended discussion on the role and status of women in a class-based society and how those who break free of these ascribed identities are often regarded as a threat or an anomaly.

Mereoleona Vermillion’s Hellfire Incarnate and a disadvantageous battle

The recent manga episode of Black Clover showed Mereoleona losing her arm to Paladin Morris due to his ability Operation Dismantle. The ability allows him to break down everything, flesh or object, he touched. Mereoleona upon losing her arm immediately resorts to Hellfire Incarnate to recreate her arm using mana. This arm extension of mana takes up a lot of her energy and also her regeneration is comparatively slower than that of Paladin.

mereoleona vermillion's hellfire incarnate
Mereoleona and Asta. (Image courtesy DLE studios)

Mereoleona throughout chapter 358 of the manga was at a disadvantage against Paladin and his abilities. The magic she used was comparatively weaker than her enemy in battle but this disadvantaged position did not pull her away from her aggressive approach during battle. It was her strong will and determination which kept her alive throughout the course of the battle.

Mereoleona Vermillion: Will her strongest attack be an end in itself or will it be the end of her?

Mereoleona constantly used Hellfire Incarnate against Paladin and this led to other members of Crimson Lion coming to her aid. The battle leads to a large massacre of several members and Mereoleona Vermillion’s Hellfire Incarnate flames start burning hotter as they reach the hottest possible form called Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Flame Burial.

mereoleona vermillion's hellfire incarnate
Mereoleona Vermillion in Black Clover. (Image courtesy DLE studios)

Mereoleona is instantly covered in a coat of flames and it begins to burn her body and everything that came in its wide vicinity. The attack instantly takes over her human body and knowing that it could kill her during battle she proceeds to reject the idea of death and goes on to attack Morris. As she charges at her opponent she cries out her attack as an ultimatum to her life and an act of revenge for her fallen comrades. Fans are on the verge of witnessing a final battle of Mereoleona Vermillion.

While this may come as a finality in itself, we are not sure whether this would be enough to defeat her opponent in the raging battle. As the manga fans are left in a serious cliffhanger, the anime fanbase is awaiting the release of the Black Clover Movie. On both ends, Black Clover has become a popular story and is on the list of top upcoming and ongoing anime and manga worldwide.

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