One Piece Anime ending prediction: here’s when it’s likeliest!

One Piece Anime ending prediction here’s when it’s likeliest!

Although fans aren’t ready for it yet, the One Piece anime ending will soon be here. Even though the series has been running strong for well over two decades now, all good things must come to an end. While the entire anime community is eagerly anticipating the day Luffy becomes the Pirate King, let’s predict when the anime could possibly end.

The End of One Piece

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Originally, Oda intended to end One Piece within five years. This means the One Piece manga was supposed to end way back in 2002. While he clearly didn’t stick to his original plan, Oda does have a clear idea of the direction in which the series is headed. Recently Oda revealed that he expects to end the series by 2024 or 25.

But this is Oda we’re talking about, so nothing is confirmed as of now. Oda mentioned that the end of the first half of One Piece was marked by Chapter 597, which is when the Straw Hats split up for their individual training. If we were to take this at face value, One Piece could have around 1194 chapters.

Arc and Episode Pacing

One Piece is divided into multiple Sagas within its two halves which in turn are divided into arcs. The first half of the manga spans from Chapter 1 to Chapter 597 and is called Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga, taking place in Paradise. In the second half of the series, The Final Sea: The New World Saga, events take place in the New World.

The first half had six sagas, and the second half so far has five. The anime adapts about 2-3 chapters per episode in faster-paced chapters but drops down to as low as 10-15 pages from a chapter per episode. The individual length of an arc is extremely turbulent, with arcs ranging anywhere between 20 to 100 episodes long.  This fluctuating pacing is the core reason behind One Piece’s length.

One Piece Anime Ending

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  • Considering all that, it is possible to give a rough estimate to predict the end of One Piece. The anime generally is shorter than the manga, especially when you ignore the fillers.
  • Given all that, it is safe to assume that the Final Saga will have around 3-4 arcs, with Egghead being the first one. Given the fast pacing of the manga, we can assume that the anime would follow similar pacing as well.

If Oda keeps this up, it is possible to expect the end of One Piece around 2025, or at best early 2026. As of now, the anime tends to stay a year behind the manga. This means we can expect the end of the One Piece anime around 2028 or 2029, considering gaps for fillers and unexpected breaks. These seem to be in line with Oda’s estimates.


These are still just predictions, as we truly can’t know what might happen in the future. The real issue would rise after the end of One Piece, where Anime only fans would have to shut off all their senses that point toward the outside world to avoid spoilers.

Regardless, the day that One Piece ends and the day fans get to see Monkey D. Luffy crowned as the Pirate King will be one of the greatest moments in all of fiction.

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