Blue Lock 226: Will Barou let Bastard Munchen win?

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Will Barou let Bastard Munchen win

The match between Ubers and Bastard Munchen has been one of the most intense matches, with no winner in sight so far. As things started to look bright for Bastard Munchen after Gagmaru saved the goal, Barou decided to defy Snuffy to defeat Isagi in Blue Lock 226. Both teams have been introducing new team attacks to take the lead. 

We’ve seen Barou going on a rampage enough times to conclude that he can be a menace as and when he wants. This new change in Barou might cost Bastard Munchen this match. Will Barou let them win? 

Blue Lock 226: How will things turn out for the Ubers?

Blue Lock Manga
Isagi and Snuffy in Blue Lock Manga | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Ubers were playing this match under the leadership of Snuffy, who trained and prepared them with an unlimited number of strategies. Despite their tight defense, Bastard Munchen scored 2 goals and only needed one more to win the match. Snuffy’s defensive style ended up suppressing Barou’s aggressive playing style.

In the previous chapters, we saw him agreeing to Snuffy’s strategies. It seems like Barou tried it and has had enough of being a follower. In chapter 226, we see him defying Snuffy. His defiance can change the game for the good in the favor of the Ubers or just turn everything into a chaotic mess. 

Will Barou let Bastard Munchen win?

Barou in Blue Lock Manga
Barou defying Snuffy in Blue Lock Manga | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Barou’s final goal is to defeat Isagi. It seems as if he doesn’t need to defeat Bastard Munchen as long as he stands victorious against Isagi. Defeating Isagi has narrowed his vision to some extent. 

  • Barou might defeat Isagi but Kaiser is still threatening the future of the Ubers. 
  • Barou might lash out and end up scoring a goal, but Bastard Munchen will score the Final Goal. 
  • Barou isn’t only fighting Isagi but he’s also fighting Snuffy’s playing style. 
  • Depending upon the execution, Barou taking charge of the field might undo all the growth he has undergone in the previous chapters. 
Barou in Blue Lock 225
A panel from Blue Lock Manga chapter 225 featuring Barou | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Barou taking the game in his hands again will make it easier for the opponents to stop him. As they know where the attacks will primarily be coming from. He might even end up defeating Isagi but the win is still in the favour of Bastard Munchen it seems. 


Gagamaru in Blue Lock Manga
Gagamaru stopping Barou’s goal in Blue Lock Manga | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Barou has given us some of the coolest scenes by going off on a tangent of his own. Whatever Barou decides to do, Isagi has yet to unlock his final potential in this match. He already realized the gaps in his potential and has been trying to overcome them. Everyone is evolving constantly, while Barou thinks it’s the fault of Snuffy he has been stopped so many times. 

Isagi is trying to improve himself which is in alignment with his goal to become the best striker. This match has shaken the values of everyone. As things start to fall back in place with Barou returning to his old ways, Isagi’s victory will put the central goal back in the picture. The race will once again become about the World’s Best Striker. 

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