Kagurabachi manga – what is it about?

Kagurabachi manga - what is it about

The Kagurabachi manga has recently garnered a lot of attention lately owing to Shonen Jump’s NEXTWAVE initiative. It has been written and illustrated by Hokazono Takeru and is a part of three series nominated for the Shueisha’s Tezuka Award, the others namely MamaYuyu manga and Two on Ice manga. It thus remains important for us to know what the Kagurabachi manga is all about and how it is expected to perform in the near future.

Kagurabachi Manga – what is the basic structure of the plot?

Kagurabachi manga is a sword-fighting battle shonen with an overarching revenge story. There is an inclination towards violence during the initial course of the plot and it is expected to show the same trajectory further. Accordingly, recent leaks have suggested that the protagonist will be targeting a specific group of people and has a very gravitating personality.

Kagurabachi manga - what is it about
Kagurabachi manga. (Image credit goes to Shonen Jump)
  • Kagurabachi manga is also typically more violent than regular shonen, as can be suggested from the leaked panels. There isn’t a great deal of gore in the plot but the element of blood is omnipresent.
  • The plot is aggressive and brutally designed, as one can also see the central protagonist slicing a group of people in half in one single swoop. This makes the narrative of the upcoming manga a very detailed presentation of graphic elements.

Kagurabachi manga – a symbol of a rising talent

The Kagurabachi manga is part of Shonen Jump’s NEXTWAVE Project. Written by Hokazono Takeru, the initiative aims to promote rising talent and has been a buildup initiative and platform for many promising future stars of the manga industry. The initiative also comes as a step to rebuild the manga industry as most of the established authors are getting close to ending their manga.

Kagurabachi manga - what is it about
Shonen Jump on Twitter about Kagura Bachi manga. (Image snapshotted from Twitter)

Takeru, being a new author in the industry, provides hope for the industry to establish a prominent manga for the upcoming years. He has only two popular credits in his career and the Kagurabachi manga will come as a significant debut manga for his career as a professional mangaka. The rising talent is surely set to make a difference in the way viewers see the Shonen manga as he is going to move away from conventions and make substantial changes to the overall approach of the narrative in totality.

Is Kagurabachi the next new-gen top dog?

The Shonen industry in recent years has been dominated by series such as My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more. While they have been extremely successful and popular, it is also necessary that newer stories replace them as a natural response. Kagurabachi manga comes into the picture in this aspect, being a potential replacement for these ruling Shonen series and establishing a newer approach to the understanding of battle shonen.

Kagurabachi manga - what is it about
Fans on Twitter are excited about Kagura Bachi Manga.

The manga received a lot of praise and attention primarily due to the image of the main character. Subsequently, the entire leak before the premier has also added to the anticipation and speculation.

  • While the leaked version wasn’t translated, fans worldwide are speculating a diverse range of theories and at the same time are surprised and impressed with the spectacular artwork in the manga.
  • The theories and the analogies do suggest that this particular manga holds the potential to become the next top dog of the Weekly Shonen Jump’s manga industry.


The Kagurabachi manga is both new in its approach and at the same time subverts from the conventions of ‘regulated shonen’. The imagery of blood, war, and revenge are recurring themes and thus it becomes a very interesting release to follow, a peculiar story to understand, and a surprisingly commendable work for a new entry into the genre of Shonen.

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