Kindergarten Wars Manga: will we see an Anime anytime soon?

Kindergarten Wars Manga will we see an Anime anytime soon

Kindergarten Wars is a romantic comedy action manga created by You Chiba. It navigates through the misadventures of a certain Kindergarten Noir, a Japanese kindergarten, and its staff as they do everything in their capacity to protect their children from the deadliest of killers.

It also follows the life of Rita, a caretaker at Kindergarten Noir, and her attempts at finding a partner in love, a boyfriend. The serialization of the manga began in 2022 in Shonen Jump+. The manga has been loved by its readers but can we expect an anime anytime soon? Let’s find out!

What is the plot structure of Kindergarten Wars?

Kindergarten Wars follows life in Kindergarten Noir, a Japanese school that claims itself as the safest kindergarten in all of Japan. But looming over its claims are deadly killers who wish to assassinate its children. But these assassins tend to underestimate the school’s staff, which is made up of former criminals and killers from the Boxed Crooks. These killers have been caught and are forced to work for the safety of these children.

Kindergarten Wars Manga will we see an Anime anytime soon
Kindergarten Wars Manga. (Image credit goes to Mangakakalot
  • The children in this kindergarten are the sons and daughters of the richest and the most powerful in Japan, making it a target for assassins.
  • But the staff safeguarding these children are not just criminals but trained killers who master their art of assassinations and safekeeping.
  • It is an interesting plot where killers go against their own kind, making it a grey storyline, one where the lines of crime and punishment are crossed and redrawn over and over again.

Will there be an anime adaptation of Kindergarten Wars?

Kindergarten Wars has published only 30 chapters so far, making a good chunk for the first volume. The story is developing and there is no set narrative as of now. Moreover, the upcoming chapters will aim at introducing the central objectives of the plot. In such a situation, an anime adaptation would only come out premature, even if the manga has been well-loved by fans. 

Kindergarten Wars Manga will we see an Anime anytime soon
A snippet from Kindergarten Wars. (Image credit goes to Mangakakalot)

We cannot immediately hope for an anime for Kindergarten Wars. It is possible and it is anticipated, but no studio has made any announcements regarding the same due to the developing storyline and limited source material. We can hope for an anime adaptation after two or three volumes of the manga are written and released, but it is not a possibility in the near future.

Would fans love to see Rita on the screens and when will that be?

Kindergarten Wars Manga will we see an Anime anytime soon
Kindergarten Wars Manga. (Image credit goes to Mangakakalot)

Rita is another staff member of Kindergarten Noir. She is a trained killer and was formerly known as ‘The Witch’. She aspires to protect these children and also find herself the love of her life. This is a long shot as it becomes pretty much impossible for her to even interact with a decent guy given her past. But Rita is determined to protect these children and fulfil her mission in exchange for her freedom, for only her freedom can guarantee a life to which she aspires.

  • Fans would love to see the cute and charming, yet deadly, Rita on the screens. She is the perfect anti-hero anyone can expect in such a plot structure, given the limitations of the genre and even the storyline.
  • Rita’s love life and her adventures would be an interesting take on a female protagonist who is soft enough for love but brutal enough to bring down death to her targets. An anime adaptation in the coming future would fulfil all these desires, and that is highly hopeful.


Kindergarten Wars will not have an anime anytime soon. But the manga can be read on Shonen Jump+. Moreover, an anime adaptation can only be anticipated once we have enough source material for the same, and at this moment the manga is still in its early stages of development.

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