Black Clover: How is Zetten different from Magic?

Asta's Comeback in Black Clover

As preparation for the final battle, Asta started his training in the Land of the Sun with the Ryuzen Seven in Black Clover manga. During his training, he was introduced to the concept of Zetten and Ki manipulation. After Asta returns to the Clover Kingdom, we see him using Zetten to defeat Damnatio in a single blow. 

This makes Zetten a more interesting concept. Is Zetten different from magic? If not, how can Asta use it? All sorts of questions arise with Black Clover chapter 366. Let’s better understand the concept of Zetten and how it is different from Magic. 

Black Clover: What is Zetten?

Zetten in Black Clover
Ichika using Zetten in a fight against Asta | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

To understand the Zetten, we first need to understand Ki. It is the flow of life energy within any being. It is affected by the person’s actions and thought processes. The nature of a person’s intent will affect their Ki; for example, malice will make one’s Ki chaotic and kindness will make it serene.

The ability to manipulate Ki to achieve higher efficiency with attacks and spells is Zetten. Through Zetten, a mage can concentrate their magic power at one point in their body and increase the impact of their moves. Using Zetten, one can also amplify their attacks, boost their physical abilities, or look into the future to a limited extent.

Asta, Black Clover Manga
Asta practising Zetten | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The members of the Ryuzen Seven use Zetten differently by splitting the attack into several strikes. Division of Zetten in 2 strikes, each with a 50 per cent force, or 5 strikes with a 20 per cent force each. In chapter 366, it seems like we saw Asta using Zetten at 100 percent as there was only one strike. In his case, he concentrates his anti-magic as he doesn’t have Mana. 

How is Zetten different from Magic?

Ryuzen Seven Black Clover
From right to left, Jouzo, Daezaemon, and Komari from Ryuzen Seven | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Zetten and Magic are different in a lot of aspects like their source of origin, the usage, how one can get better, and the impact it creates. Even though the time limit is vague. it has been mentioned in the manga that Zetten is a temporary boost. 

  • Zetten is the manipulation of Ki, everybody has the flow of life energy as long as they’re alive. This makes the attainment of Zetten possible for every living being. Although it requires a lot of hard work, precision, and practice to be able to use Zetten.
  •  Magic allows one to turn their mana into magic power which will eventually help them in creating spells. Magic is easier to perform in comparison to Zetten. 
  • The usage of Magic requires a consistent output and distribution of magic power whereas Zetten concentrates the Ki at one place in a huge amount. 
  • Zetten can be also used to amplify magical spells temporarily.

These differences are also the reason why Asta can use Zetten. Zetten has no direct relation to one’s ability to do Magical Spells or a person’s mana reserves. Although it can help in increasing their impact. Asta is using Zetten to boost his anti-magic attacks. 


Black Clover manga
Finral visits to the Land of Sun to pick Asta | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Asta’s anti-magic was already a powerful weapon against the strongest foes. Against Damnatio, all the Black Bulls were powerless including Luck and Magna. Asta defeated Damnatio with a single blow using Zetten. It has taken his abilities to different heights. The upcoming fights will be a piece of cake for Asta until he faces the final boss, Lucius. 

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