Top 10 Black Bull Members

Top 10 Black Bull Members

Black Clover is a Magic Fantasy story with a wide range of powers and abilities, which has surely wowed many of its readers. Among all of its characters and groups, Black Bulls have the most broken characters in the verse. So, in this article, I will categorize the Top 10 Black Bull Members who are strong enough to rival the other 9 squads.

Top 10 Black Bull Members

10. Nero

Nero | Courtesy of IMDb

Secre Swallowtail is the former servant of Prince Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the first Wizard King. She transformed into an anti-bird named Nero after sealing Lemiel into a statue. She has a powerful sealing magic which she uses to reinforce and heal herself. She can also do it on others, becoming a strong pillar of the squad. She is also an Arcane Stage mage.

9. Vanessa

Vanessa | Courtesy of IMDb

Vanessa Enoteca is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight and a witch from the Witches’ Forest. She uses Thread magic and has the ability to change fate. However, despite having tremendous defense, her offense falls short of ranking higher on the list. She is also an Arcane Stage mage.

8. Gauche

Gauche | Courtesy of IMDb

Gauche Adlai is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight and a nobleman. He has huge amounts of mana and uses Mirror Magic. He can use his mirror magic to reflect back attacks, shoot ray blasts, and create copies of objects. He can combine his magic with others to create a more powerful spell.

7. Charmy

Charmy | Courtesy of IMDb

Charmy Pappitson is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight and a swarf-human hybrid. Due to her lineage, she possesses two mana affinities: Cotton and Food. Cotton magic allows her to create and manipulate Cotton, which she can use to create sheep to help her. Food magic allows her to consume other types of magic and helps her reinforce herself. She has a huge mana pool which fluctuates her power levels depending on her mood.

6. Henry

Henry | Courtesy of IMDb

Henry Legolant is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight and a nobleman. Due to his curse, he had to live separately from everyone else in what would soon become the base of the Black Bull. He passively siphons off magic power from those he is surrounded with and makes it his own magic. He can utilize recombination magic to change the shape and locations of the rooms within the base.

5. Luck

Luck | Courtesy of IMDb

Luck Voltia is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight and one of the strongest offensive forces within the Black Bulls. He can utilize Lightning Magic and grew even more proficient in it after training in the Heart Kingdom. He is a First Stage Mage and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Paired with his incredible prowess in Lightning manipulation, he is a force not to be reckoned with.

4. Noelle

Noelle | Courtesy of IMDb

Noelle Silva is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight and is the second daughter of the House of Silva. She forms a contract with the Dragon worshipped as the Sea God “Leviathan.” She is a First Stage mage and has impeccable prowess in Water Magic, being the strongest user in her House. Her offensive capabilities are off the charts and she was temporarily able to tap into Saint Stage. We are yet to see how strong she has become after her contract with Leviathan, but we can expect her to tap back into being a Saint Stage mage.

3. Nacht

Nacht | Courtesy of IMDb

Nacht Faust is the Vice-captain of the Black Bull and a devil host. He spent several years as a spy within the Spade Kingdom, making his appearance when the Dark Triad decided to go after their targets. He can use Shadow Magic, which when paired with his Devil abilities, makes him a terrifying opponent. He is in contract with 4 mid-ranking devils, which allows him to tap into 4 different abilities. He can also travel using Shadows and restrain anyone who steps into shadows. He can also use Mana Zone to increase the effects of his spells.

2. Yami

Yami | Courtesy of IMDb

Yami Sukehiro is from the country of Hino and is the Captain of the Black Bull. If Nacht was a storm, this guy right here is an entire Tsunami. He can use Dark magic, which he coats onto his weapons to deal devastating magic. He has impeccable speed and durability. Using Ki sensing techniques, he can sense his enemies and their attacks even when he cannot see them. Paired with Mana Zone, his darkness coated strikes can even slice dimensions. He is an Arcane Stage mage.

1. Asta

Asta | Courtesy of IMDb

Asta is a 1st Class Senior Knight and has no magic. He receives a 5-leaf clover grimoire with an Anti-Magic demon inside. This makes him absolutely broken in the verse. He is an expert swordsman who coats his attacks with anti-magic. After learning Zetten, his control over anti-magic became more efficient allowing him to imbue others with it. He has tremendous strength, agility, and durability. All of his abilities are heightened when he enters into Union mode with his Demon, Liebe.


All the characters on the list are the strongest within the Black Bulls, of which, the top 4 are definitely among the strongest in Black Clover. If you like our list, comment down below which other squads would you like to see being ranked. For more in-depth analysis of shows and their characters, subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter.

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