Black Clover Chapter 369 Release Date predictions will quench even the thirstiest Manga fan

Black Clover Chapter 369

As all hopes were lost to win against the mighty Lucius, Asta returned as a ray of hope along with the Black Bulls in Black Clover Manga. Asta’s return finally took the burden off of Yuno’s shoulder who was holding the fort all on his own. A continuation of these events in Black Clover Chapter 369 would’ve been the perfect follow-up. Instead what came our way was the announcement of the shift of Black Clover from Weekly Jump to Jump Giga. 

The decision came as a shock, but it’s a necessary one. Keeping up with the weekly schedule comes with a lot of physical strain. Yuki Tabata shared how this shift will help him bring his vision for Black Clover to us in a much better way. Despite everything the mangaka is going through on a personal level, he gave us enough to look forward to with a preview and the potential release window for the upcoming chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 369 Release Date Predictions

Asta in Black Clover manga
Is this a JoJo reference? | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Yuki Tabata confirmed in chapter 368 that he’ll continue the manga with the winter edition of Shueisha’s Jump Giga. The chapters in Jump Giga are longer than the ones we get in the Weekly Shonen Jump. 

Based on that, Black Clover Chapter 369 will probably come out in the last week of December around Christmas. That’s usually when the winter edition of Jump Giga is published. In case of delays, the chapter will be pushed to January at most. It has also been confirmed that the upcoming chapters will be available as per usual on the Manga Plus App and the Viz Media website. 

What to expect?

The Black Bulls in Black Clover manga
Luck, Charmy, and Grey from the Black Bulls | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Yuki Tabata teased us a little about what the upcoming chapters will be focusing on. The fights involving the main characters will take center stage.

  • Yami vs. Morgan and Noelle vs. Acier are not just physical fights. The emotional stakes are also at an all-time high. Noelle is battling with her mother who she has aspired to be like all her life.
  • While Yami is fighting against his former partner. These duels will determine the future of the Clover Kingdom leaving no space for any mishaps.
Yami vs. Morgan
Yami vs. Morgan in the final arc of Black Clover manga | Image Courtesy of Viz Media
  • The most important fight of all is Asta and Yuno vs. Lucius. This won’t be the first time they’ll be engaging in a spar with an intimidating villain, but it might be the last time we’ll see them fighting together.
  • Mereleona has given the battle her all, but it might be time for us to bid her goodbye. The Black Bulls and the other captains will provide their valuable support to bring things to an end for the better.


Yuno In Black Clover manga
Yuno fighting off against Lucius | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Hopefully, the shift from Weekly Jump to Jump Giga will help Yuki Tabata relax a bit more. There has been no confirmation as to how many chapters will be published in Jump Giga before the series finally comes to an end. But the future doesn’t look too bright in that regard as we’re already in a fight with the final villain. 

With that, we need to wait a few more months before Black Clover chapter 369 comes out. But do you know what you don’t have to wait for? The Spiel Anime newsletter! It comes out every Monday and Saturday, your weekly dose of entertainment.  

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